Stop the Madness

It’s that time of year again….when the squirrels lose their damn minds and start trying  to commit suicide via road. It seems to be a little early this year, but I’ve noticed every fall the squirrels go banana-wonkers, darting into the road, changing their mind and running back & changing their minds again until you’re sure you’re going to hear that horrible “THONK”.  So, head’s up. Don’t assist those squirrels with their macabre plot.

Can I just give a shout-out to Spotify? I have kicked up my cardio workout up to 45 minutes and I”m really pushing it with higher incline. I couldn’t do it without music, though. I had been walking to the Steve Dahl Show podcast, which is awesome and worked well, but it wasn’t helping give me the push I need to keep going. Thanks to Spotify, I’ve been creating a list that’s now over 60 songs that really kick it in for me.

But. Here’s the weird thing. The songs that really get me pushing, working & pumping for another 5 minutes and another 5 minutes and another are some nasty, nasty songs. I’ve got tons of choices – some Broadway, some R&B, metal, pop, blues. I’m finding myself really responding to the more raunchy ones, though, which I find odd. Prince, the Doors, Lady Marmalade, Tom Jones (Kiss & Sex Bomb, anyone?), Salt & Pepa, Mustang Sally. What’s weirder still is how these songs are kicking my butt into gear. Because I’m a singer and used to be a dancer, these puppies get my hips moving and I’m finding myself shaking some massive booty while I’m walking. My shoulders get into it, I’m mouthing the words (trying not to sing aloud), I’m totally JAMMING while I’m walking. So I’m sure I look like a total nutcase up there. The treadmill’s on incline of 18-20 and I’m just digging into each step, strutting and sliding and swooping and throwing my head side to side. I must look like 800 kinds of fool up there. This big ‘ole middle-aged white lady sporting 70-some extra pounds just using the treadmill like a dance prop & beating it into submission. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if somebody at the gym surreptitiously filmed my sad, scary butt and I ended up a meme on YouTube.

That said, I might look the fool, but it’s working. I’m down about 13 pounds (which isn’t a ton in the 15 weeks I’ve been working) and I think about 1 pant size. I wore a pair of jeans I had bought that JUST fit me when I bought them (fit well in the legs, tight in the waist) and now they’re baggy. They fit easily in the waist & are baggy in the legs. By the end of the day, they were baggy all over. That really encouraged me.

I think I’m going to continue doing more cardio. I think that’s probably the best thing for me to get the pounds off right now – and especially to melt off this stupid belly of mine. According to the treadmill, I’m burning between 600-800 calories with each 45 minutes I do, so that’s gotta make a difference, right?