Stop. Just STOP.

635922841696028851596381600_no_excuses_sexual_assault_campaign_logoTo those of you who want to dismiss Mr. Trump’s comments and, WAY MORE IMPORTANTLY, the misogynistic & illegal ACTIONS he was referring to, I ask you this.

Imagine, if you will, that this video that surfaced starred not Mr. Trump, but someone like your child’s teacher or a local pastor or a community leader or a youth sports coach or a local shopowner. Someone you might be acquainted with or have dealings with in your community.

How would you react?

  • If your daughter’s soccer coach was caught bragging about sexually assaulting random women because HE CAN.
  • If the pastor of a local church was caught boasting about how he can fondle or grope parishioners because he’s “in charge?”
  • If a teacher at a local school was revealed to have had “locker room talk” with friends where he bragged about getting a touch or a feel here & there from hiz students because “what are they going to do?”

Would you shrug and say “Boys will be boys?” Would you try to dismiss it, saying that the real issues of sportsmanship/serving God/education were being overshadowed? Would you continue to allow your child to be on that team/be a member of that church/allow that teacher to go on teaching?

We all remember that many of these people trying to dismiss or defend Trump’s actions & words (or, just as bad, throwing around the other candidate’s husband’s actions as if we live by a “well, HE did it, so it’s okay” kind of credo) are the same people who completely lost it over the idea of transpeople wanting to use the bathrooms of their gender. That the THOUGHT of some biker in a dress using trans-friendly bathrooms as a way to fondle women and children was beyond unacceptable and must be stopped AT ALL COST. But the idea of electing as President someone who not only does grope and fondle whenever he wants to because he’s “a celebrity” and therefore “gets to” is okay?

I find it REPREHENSIBLE that this man has been caught red handed bragging about doing what other men lose their jobs/families/lives over and ANYONE has the audacity to say it’s no big deal. You think what Clinton did in the White House was horrifying? If you elect this man, you ain’t seen NOTHING yet.

When the HELL are we going to get to the point where these Neanderthals finally accept that women are people and not possessions, prizes, trophies, or inanimate objects whose very existence is only for the pleasure and edification of men? Our bodies are not for you to touch or fondle or comment on. Believe it or not, OUR BODIES HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU.

Oh, and also? If you are a man who still supports him and you have any women in your life that you love and respect? You should be ashamed of yourself. It is THAT simple. If you are a woman who still supports him? I honestly don’t know what to say. Because it’s sad to me that you don’t think you’re better than that.


sexual-assault-definition-487x100-2xDo you know that it took me 45 years to understand this? To understand that just because someone wants to touch my body or kiss me or do anything else to me doesn’t mean they get to? Do you have any freaking idea how much unwanted touching I endured because I didn’t know that? Do you know how many women have gone through their lives facing this shit, too? It’s disgusting that so many of us don’t understand this. It’s repulsive that so many women have to endure this every day. It’s repugnant that there are ANY HUMANS out there who think this is okay. Your body is yours. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY gets to touch it without your consent. Not your family, not your husband, not your coworkers, not your boss, not your bus driver, not your barista, not your CEO, not your teacher, not your boyfriend, not the most popular boy in school, NO ONE. You have the right to say no. The fact that a candidate for President of the US not only doesn’t understand this, but is callously dismissive of it should TERRIFY you. I’m simply confused and blown away that this is a discussion that still needs to be had.

I will finish by summing up. You don’t get to do whatever the fuck you want because you’re a celebrity. Other people’s bodies are not yours to come in contact with unless you’re given permission. And if something is wrong, it’s wrong for everybody. If you’d try to drive a teacher out of town for groping, you’d better be trying to drive a Presidential candidate out as well. Oh, and STOP TOUCHING WOMEN WITHOUT PERMISSION.