Still Working It

The “CALM”, that is. I’m still trying. Though, yesterday, the kids were working on bustin’ it.

I was looking forward to getting the kids back to school so I could come home and nap with Will. However, he decided that he didn’t really need to nap and woke me up after about an hour. Which…..noooooooo. So we gave up & got up. That stank. When I picked up the kids, it all started. I was happy and calm even though Steven had begun to wig out already. Something’s going on with him and everything is all about how we don’t love him and everyone’s against him. How we only care about Henry & William & Maggie and he’s always wrong and horrible. Of course, he completely overreacts to everything (wonder where he got that from??), especially the few chores we ask him to do. You’d think I had him cleaning up after farm animals, waxing the driveway, building an addition, power washing the siding & jetting the septic field. Dude, I’m just asking you to pick up the toys in ONE ROOM, clean up your bathroom & take out the trash. CHILL.

We went over to my parents to try out our new Wii Fit Plus (yes. I’m trying AGAIN) and he kept freaking out over there. Me, Maggie & Mom-Mom all made our Miis and got signed up. Then Steven wanted to do it. And had a tantrum about it. He signed up and then wanted to do the Rhythm Boxing. But he was totally annoyed that he couldn’t just punch how he wanted and went to throw the Wii controller down. Mom-Mom don’t play dat. So he got reprimanded for that. Then, while I was doing the Basic Run, he pushed our big exercise ball at Henry, who proceeded to fall over and bonk his head on the granite floor. He started crying and Steven got angry that we “didn’t understand that it was an accident”. I kept trying to point out that I KNOW it was an accident, but Henry still got hurt, so we’re a little upset about it. I cuddled Henry and talked to him and Steven’s whining that we don’t care about him and he wants to run away. DUDE. :sigh:

I’m just trying to stay calm. Stopping to breathe rather than start shouting, freaking out and crying. But he just kept pushing and pushing and pushing. But…I didn’t yell at him. I talked to him calmly, told him what he’s doing wrong and why and that I wasn’t going to take it.

Then Maggie gave me trouble about the dishes. She really hates being on dishes and does her job halfway, trying to get out of doing it by just doing it a little bit and hoping I’ll pick up the slack. I think. But she does all the obvious dishes (after much prodding and nagging), but if something’s not right next to the dishwasher or a little difficult to do, she just ignores it. For example, there were 3 of William’s bottles waiting to go in the dishwasher. She couldn’t get them unscrewed but rather than asking for help, she just left them. When I got annoyed and said “You’re not done!”, she pulls out all the excuses. I say, “You can’t ASK FOR HELP? Even Steven asks for help when he can’t do something so he can get the job done right.” She didn’t like that. But, hey. Don’t just ignore it & walk away. Don’t try to engage Steven in something else so you don’t have to do the dishes. Don’t go play with Henry in hopes that I’ll forget to remind you. And do NOT raise your voice to me when I call you on it. Got it? Kthxbai.

So “CALM” definitely got a workout yesterday. I only yelled a couple times and it was pretty much at Henry. This morning we got off to school with no yelling at all. Even though Steven pulled the whole “I’m not going to school today” thing.

Oh well. Off to the grocery store for things to try to cook more healthy dinners, thanks to Cooking Light. My life is so interesting.