Still Scrappin’

Which is a very nice thing to be wasting my time with – rather than, say, playing Zoo Tycoon or practicing identity theft. (no. I don’t)

I’ve been doing this project for my mom of sorting through all her pictures and when I got to her wedding photos, I realized that these photos needed some saving. Taken in 1978, they weren’t looking very good and many of them were tinged brownish-rust – totally off in color. I bought a new scanner that has a built-in color correction and scanned them all. Then I went through in Photoshop and tried to make them as good as possible. Unfortunately, I didn’t save the originals, but here’s a nice corrected photo:


That’s me in the front row behind the really little girl in the red floral dress. Dark hair, flipped back. I’m right in front of my mom. It looks much better than the original, believe me.

After I finished that, I decided to scan my wedding photos so I could do some scrapping of them. I had scanned a bunch of them previously, but either the scanner was wonky or the color wheel went psycho for the day, but they didn’t look good. Here’s an example:


That’s just messed up. Too red, skin tones are all weird, even my dress looks freaky. Bad 1st scan. Here’s the 2nd attempt:


MUCH better. Camellia (my flower girl) doesn’t look like an alien, my dress doesn’t look like it’s made of iridescent moire lamè. So I’ve been working on that. Let me tell you, photo correction on wedding photos is HARD. If you’ve got a white dress and black tuxes, everything’s already at extreme levels, so you don’t have a lot of room to change things. Plus, the white dress is often really blown out, so you have to turn the brightness way down to get the details on it – it’s hard. Try as I might, I couldn’t get the man photos to look really good. They’re all in black tuxes and I just couldn’t make it work. Like this picture for example:


No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get this any better. Their tuxes would start to go wonky if I tried to go less bright or add more color/saturation. So, Steve’s dad looks jaundiced, Steve & his brothers look like they’re going to pass out and the background looks like an old warehouse. I really admire good photographers who can get amazing shots straight out of the camera, because it has to be hard to get levels and everything right when dealing with the colors of a wedding.

Anyway. I got a bunch of them (not all) scanned and improved and started doing a few layouts. First I did a layout for my formal bridal portraits I had done a couple weeks before the wedding.


Okay, I’m going to be 100% honest here. The big struggle I’m having with scrapping these photos is that while I’ve made a wedding kit that’s pretty nice, it’s just not good enough or chock full of enough stuff to please me. For example, in the above LO, I the black paper and the lace are from my wedding kit, but the white paper, the sparkles are from someone else. I’m honestly just not loving how my kit works with my photos. So, I’m sucking it up and going out to find all the other wedding-type kits I can so that I have lots of variety and make the layouts look as good as I can. And, let me tell you, I bought a metric ton of stuff yesterday. The most difficult thing to find are good, realistic flowers – like calla lilies, Casablanca lilies, stargazer lilies, creamy roses. I found one calla lily I like and one stargazer lily I like, but the rest are eluding me. Yesterday, I worked out the “Family Photos” pages for all the formal pictures taken before the ceremony of us with our family members. Thankfully, I found enough pretty to get these 2 done:



Because they’ll be on facing pages, I just flipped the 1st layout to do Steve’s family. I think it’ll look good in the book. Just changed the flowers a little bit (to show off Steve’s mom’s dress) and I think it’s great. I found a gorgeous wedding kit by Lily Designs over at After Five Designs that is simply amazing, so I picked that up and Amy Hutchinson at the same store has 2 kits with stunning, realistic flowers that worked perfectly. Plus, I had been worrying about how to display all the pictures on each layout that I wanted. Then I remembered Nancy Comelab’s photo clusters which take care of figuring out how to place them in an attractive composition. I’m glad I already had them as I don’t think she’s selling anymore.

Okay, enough scrapping. We’ve had another week of sick here. I’m feeling mostly better, but Maggie was home all week sick. I basically forced her back to school today since she’s not running a fever or anything. She’s just congested and tired. Hopefully she’ll make it through the day.

I’m feeling better just in time for my least favorite part of pregnancy – when everything starts to get heavy and I feel all crampy in my pelvic region. Almost like the pelvis is starting to separate or something. This does not bode well for the next 5 months, y’all. If I’m feeling this way at 17.5 weeks, I’m totally screwed. Back to the doctor next week for a check up and I have to do the quad screen tests – which are just blood tests, so I’m okay with it. Next u/s at 20 weeks.

I’ll leave it at that for now. Remind me to talk about American Idol, okay? I’ve been liveTweeting AI and I did the Oscars, too – not a lot, just random stuff I was thinking as I watched. Let me just say, for now, RIP Norman/Nick. Idol will be less without you there. 🙁