Steak & Kidney Pie

Is hopefully what we’ll be eating in a couple weeks. No, not really. See, I have this dad? He’s had kidney disease for over 25 years now and it’s been managed and controlled via diet and meds. We’ve known for quite a while that he would eventually need a transplant. It was just a matter of when.

Here’s my dad with Maggie a couple years ago. He’s a great man and a wonderful dad. Actually, he’s my stepdad, but you’d never know it in the way he treats me & my brother. Anyway. The time has finally come for his transplant. It’s been really rough for him the past year or so. Thankfully, he hasn’t had to be on dialysis, but you could almost see his energy and strength drain away as the progression got worse & worse. We’re also so blessed in that we had someone we knew who’s a donor so we didn’t have to wait on the transplant list or anything. He was on it, but it turned out like this, which couldn’t be better. He’s at the hospital now having all his final tests and stuff and the surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday. We’re all nervous and anxious and excited (none as much as he, though) and praying that everything goes according to plan tomorrow. If you’re of a praying mindset, please remember him (Kelly is his name), his donor, the doctors and our family in yours. If you wouldn’t mind.

I think the person who is going to have the biggest problem with all of this is Henry. For the past 2 weeks, he has talked of nothing but his Pop-Pop. And bananas. But mostly Pop-Pop. He hasn’t been able to visit during that time for fear of bringing germs to Pop-Pop who then would have to cancel his surgery due to illness. Pop-Pop will be in the hospital for at least a week and then be recouperating at home for several weeks to a month. And Henry won’t get to see him. It, of course, is necessary and for the best, but Henry doesn’t understand and I think he’s really missing Pop. I don’t think about what I’ll do if something goes wrong up there, and Henry will never fully understand. But everything’s going to be fine & Pop will even have more energy in the long run to be with Henry. So there.

Wii Fit is still going strong around here. I missed 2 days since I started and I’m down almost 10#. I’ve cooked nearly every night with yummy recipes from Cooking Light. I got a couple of their old “Annual Recipes” books, so we are loaded for bear. If only I could take the time to go through them all. I’m recruiting Steve to do it, since he’s the real foodie in our house. He just has to remember that I’m mostly cooking deficient, so the recipes must be easy. And can’t take hours of prep and cook time. Because I lose interest easily. And have the attention span of a gnat. Seriously.

What else….oh, yeah. Here’s something I wanted to talk about. The difficulties of having play dates when your child is developmentally delayed (and a little odd). My cousins came over with their kids. My older cousin has a 3 year old and my younger cousin has a 5 month old. Henry and Jerry are the same size. But Henry can’t play properly with these kids. At all. At first, he’s all assaultive – grabbing hold and hugging WAY too hard while pelvic thrusting on them. Which….who wants THAT? So, naturally, the other kids don’t want anything to do with him. And when playtime starts, Henry’s contribution is to pick up whatever toys are being played with and whip them around. Occasionally hitting someone in the head. Or spinning around wildly, knocking over train tracks, bridges, blocks, etc. Or just walking up to someone and smacking them in the head or chest. We know this isn’t appropriate and we’re working on it, but in the meantime, no one wants him around. The only way anyone can enjoy themselves is if Henry is in the other room. It is completely unfair to everyone. I want Henry to be able to participate and join in, but allowing this makes things unhappy for the others. I can’t be there right on top of him due to having William, so all I can do is yell at him from a chair or something. I can’t be down on the floor with him AND Will or he’ll hurt Will, as he does. So I just sit there feeling awful. Awful for Henry who should be allowed to join in the fun. Awful for the other kids who shouldn’t have to worry about their safety as they play trains. Awful for the other parents who want to be accommodating, but rightfully worry about their own kids getting beaned with a wooden train. Or having a meltdown because Henry just Godzilla’d their train yard. I have to say, I hate it. I’m bad at figuring it out and I hate it.

So that’s where I am. Today. Thanks for reading.