Squirrel Suicide

I don’t know what’s going on – perhaps it’s that it’s mating season or something – but our squirrels have been on some sort of crazy suicide missions over the past 2 weeks. Squirrels that are normally rather conservative in their road-crossings are now darting hither & yon, making last minute “runs for it” causing me to narrowly miss them. Seriously – thrice now I’ve been sure I was going to hear the ominous “thump-thump” of a little squirrely skull because there was simply NO WAY (I thought) that anything could move quickly enough to make it out alive, but the thumping was absent and Mr. or Ms. Squirrel made it to the curb unscathed.

I’d appreciate it if they’d stop it now. It’s very alarming to see things suddenly darting out from the side of the road in an apparent suicide mission. I don’t WANT to murder a fluffy-tailed rodent, but if it’s a choice between that and dangerously swerving into the other lane, Fluffy McNutstasher is going to the big acorn tree in the sky.

Though after seeing the above picture, maybe forcing them to carry lightsabers would solve the problem….