Seriously – it’s supposed to be spring now. NOW. But we today have, like, 6 inches of new snow. And I’m rather peeved about it. Because, seriously, it’s spring and this is just ridiculous.

We started a new tradition this year. I was reading another, quite spectacular, blog called Rocks in My Dryer and she does this great Works for Me Wednesday deal every week. She had what I thought was a fabulous idea. You can read it here. So that’s what we did this year. I decided we’d celebrate spring with egg dying, an egg hunt, baskets full of candy & making spring cupcakes. And I’m really glad we did, as with all the snow, a hunt would be totally annoying now. So, here are the pictures:








It was so much fun & wasn’t as much of a pain as I thought it’d be. I got one tub of vanilla frosting and some gel colorings & mixed up little bowls of colored frosting (like 3 Tbsp each) with orange, yellow, aqua & lime green. We had spring sprinkles & I even tried writing with some frosting in a Ziploc with a tiny point cut off. The kids seemed to really enjoy it , so that’s good. Now we can focus on Jesus for Easter. Yay, that.

I just finished watching a really incredible movie. It’s called Snow Cake and before you can click the link and call me on the Alan Rickman bit, yes, that’s why I Netflixed it. I am totally his slave & will watch anything he’s in. So there. Anyway, turns out this movie was really, really good. No Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, this. Sigourney Weaver plays a woman with high-functioning autism and her portrayal is simply brilliant. It brought me to tears a number of times. Truly, truly wonderful film. I won’t tell you much of what happened, because it’ll ruin much of the movie for you, but it’s worth seeing simply for the opportunity to get a glimpse into what the world is like for people with autism. I saw a lot of Steven in her portrayal and found myself being humbled and terrifically grateful that, despite the challenges we have with him, he has the ability to express love and, often, cognitively understand that others have feelings that differ from his. Doesn’t mean he like it or has much tolerance for it, but at least he can grasp the concept. Anyway – rent this movie.

I’m working on a new kit that I’m almost done with (thankfully!) Should be up in the store this next week. I’m calling it Bloomin’ Spring and it’s pretty simple and full of typical springy colors. Got it out of my system because the following kit? Is going to be the antithesis of it. Here’s a peek at the papers: