Spring Break for WHOM, actually?

Spring break is kicking my squarely in the behind. Well, not SQUARELY. Actually right in the tailbone with a steel-toed work boot. I know that it’s necessary for everyone – especially the teachers – but I hate having them all home with meeeee.

Maggie had a play date today with a friend from school, so she was happy. But, of course, nobody wanted to play with Steven, so that sucks. He’s just now getting the idea that, as he put it, “nobody’s interested in me.” :sob: I try to explain that they’re GIRLS and they didn’t want to play with boys. He doesn’t get it, though. What he is getting, though, is that he ain’t got no friends. Boo to that.

Henry is Whiney McSnotterton lately. Just “nnnggggh….ennnnggggghhh….” all while pulling on me and wiping his nose on my BARE ARM. Haaaaate.

Today was Make All Necessary Upcoming Doctor’s Appointments Day. Henry now gets feeding therapy every week at a clinic about an hour away. Which is fantastic because he totally needs it. We’ve gone 3 times now and we’re learning a lot about Henry and what his issues are – and what we still need to address. His new therapist has fabulous ideas and recommendations. We’re getting him additional OT starting next week. We got an appointment with a GI doctor in Milwaukee on May 1st because the Feeding therapist believes that reflux might be an issue with his feeding. We’re taking Henry to a behavioral optometrist on Monday for help with his vision problems. We’re taking the dog to the vet on Wednesday. Good Lord. Could I have some more things to do? Because I can still breathe.

I am working on a new kit that’s going to be really unusual. It’s kind of a combination of macabre Alice in Wonderland and Rocky Horror. I don’t know if there’ll be a whole lot of demand for it, but it’s certainly going to be one of a kind. If you’ve been looking for a kit with blood spatters, fishnets, cogs & saws, this will be the one for you.