So…what’s new?

sure-stepLet’s see. We’re all feeling better, which is nice. I’ve still got a raging headache, but at least the death cough is gone. Steven went back to school today, which RAWKED. He was happy about it too, which was nice. I actually got off my duff and finally called Henry’s service coordinator about his orthotics. Everybody’s been telling me that I needed to do that, so I did. Turns out our PT had faxed the order for a prescription to the doctor a couple times, but hadn’t received a response yet. So I called over there & the doctor’s out of town till Friday. They said they’d take care of it 1st thing Friday, so I hope that’s the case. We’ve been in limbo on these stupid braces for MONTHS now & I think it’s really restricting Henry’s development.

We have his IEP meeting next Monday so it’s been all about evaluations. And, I have to admit, I’m really very discouraged. The numbers I’m hearing are not at all what I want to hear. I’m hearing 10-12 months. 14 months. And the one I’m supposed to be ecstatic about – 18 months. Henry is 28 months, for those who don’t know. To hear that your nearly 2 1/2 year old has the development of 10-12 months….it’s heart-wrenching. I’m so incredibly discouraged about it. And I’m trying to get it all processed before Monday so I don’t start sobbing at the meeting. I want so badly for him to progress…he needs to progress, y’know? He needs to stand. And walk. And hold a spoon. And stop banging his head against stuff. I guess……it kinda makes me feel like a failure. That I haven’t been able to turn him into Amazing Down Syndrome Boy. He just gets further & further behind. All I can say is…..GET HIM HIS DAMNED ORTHOTICS ALREADY.

I finished all the military kits & got those up in the store. So that’s 4 – An Army Of One, Anchors Aweigh, OO-Rah!, and Wild Blue Yonder. I think they turned out pretty good. Though I think I’m off the color navy for a while. There are only so many ways you can do navy & white, y’know? ::hee::