Some Title Where I Complain About How Busy I Am

I know. I fell down on the job of 31 for 21. I’m so sorry. Too many days have escaped my grasp and now I don’t even remember some of the things I was going to say.

We decided at the beginning of the month that Maggie could have a Halloween-themed sleepover party for the girls in her class. It’s only 8 girls total, so it’s not THAT big of a deal, but we’ve never hosted something like this before. Maggie went into overdrive, coming up with all sorts of ideas for decorations, activities, food. It’s going to be this Saturday, so we’re starting to get moving on the execution. they’re all planning to watch some PG/PG-13 scary movies that we’re getting from the library. So, totally free. All the girls are going to come in costume and I offered to do a photo shoot for them – which ought to take a couple of hours with 8 teen girls.

Of course, there will be pizza and popcorn, punch and sweets. We got a lot of decorative items over the weekend – like spiderwebs, bugs, a skull candle, a skeleton. Mom-Mom brought over some random fabrics to hang here & there. Yesterday, I did some searching and found some decorations I can make on When I ran across this one, I knew I wanted to try it. I just didn’t want to follow the instructions implicitly. They had some more intricate framing instructions, but I thought I could probably just use a ladder as the frame. We went and got a big styrofoam ball for the head and some doweling to attach it to the ladder. I used some old mop handles for the arms and filled old socks with crumpled paper, taping them to the handles for hands. Then began the draping. I bought 25 yards of cheesecloth thinking that would be more than enough I realized quickly, however, that it wasn’t. You could totally see the ladder underneath and it wasn’t working. So I started over using a burlap drape over the ladder before beginning to drape the cheesecloth. That worked better, but there still wasn’t enough to cover the whole ladder, so I just did the front. It turned out pretty cool – not as like the picture as I wanted, but certainly good enough. Here’s my favorite picture – first normal & then using Pioneer Woman’s Vintage PS action on it.

Needless to say, I’ve been pretty focused on all this. I’m also going to make some tombstones for the yard and these clever little pumpkins out of milk jugs where you draw the faces on and put lights strung in between them. Going to be very cool. Can’t wait to get more pictures!!