Some funnies for today

First, I have to share a shopping tip. For those of you who shop at Wal-Mart, you’ve probably tried the Sam’s Choice brand of lots of things. We’ve been particularly happy with the Sam’s Choice grape juice. 128 fl. oz. and it’s GOOOOOOOD. So, when I was in the store the other day, they  had an end-cap at the checkout with Sam’s Choice lemonade.


Do NOT buy this lemonade. This is, by far, the most disgusting lemonade I’ve ever tasted. At first sip, it’s viciously tangy – like PAINFULLY tangy. Then you get hit with a horrible soapy taste – like drinking a watered down lemon-flavored hand soap. It’s AWFUL. Consider this my consumer warning for the day.

I came upon a hysterical site site. We’ve all seen LOLCats – which are quite funny. These are LOL Celebrities. I spent way too much time scrolling through and saving the ones that made me really laugh hard. May I share?

I want to print this one out poster-sized for my husband’s classroom. I think it’d be hysterical.


Oh my gosh, y’all – LOL Queen Elizabeth the 1st. You don’t see THAT everyday.


From Poltergeist 2 – the most terrifying old man ever.




Van Helsing thanks you for making his job easy.


My thoughts while watching the Oscars EXACTLY.


In case you didn’t know, I LOVE Hugh Laurie.


Best one ever.


Those were my faves. You can find many, many more here:

But be warned, some have swears. Have fun!