So tired

Actually how many times can I start a blog entry like that? A squillion, apparently.

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in quite a while. This week has been quite a haul. Steve’s mom is back in the hospital. She went in a week ago with probable pneumonia and a kidney infection. On Monday, she had surgery in the morning – a sistoscopy to see what was going on & see that she had kidney stones. That afternoon, they went back in to place a stint so the kidney could drain & stuff. Unfortunately, after the procedure, she stopped responding. Completely unresponsive. The doctors say that she’s having brain seizures. It’s like her brain is filled with static. They’ve tried a couple things so far to “reboot” her brain, but so far, nothing’s working. Nobody seems to know what’s going to happen. Steve’s been at the hospital all week with her. Thankfully, he isn’t doing anything right now, so he’s been able to be with her. He’s even spending the night. So we haven’t really even seen him this week. We miss him. The frustrating part is the not knowing what’s going to happen. Steve can’t indefinitely live at the hospital, but he totally wants to be right there in case something happens or a decision has to be made. He’s a good son in any case. I don’t know of anyone who’s done what he’s doing. It’s so sad. We certainly don’t want her to die, but we know she wouldn’t want to be sitting there unresponsive & unconscious indefinitely. Totally sucks. But, that’s life, I guess.

I’ve responded to all the stress in 2 ways. One – I have practically no eyebrows or lashes right now. When I’m under stress or my hands don’t have something to do (like when I’m reading), I pull them out. I HATE it, but it’s an OCD thing that I really struggle to control. Two – I’ve been playing Zoo Tycoon nonstop for 2 days. Seriously – I’ve stopped to feed the children & take Henry to summer school/pick him up, but otherwise, I’m building the awesomest zoo ever. It’s a wicked fun game & I love playing it, but again with the obsessiveness. In fact, I was playing on Thursday night & Henry fell asleep in my left arm. Before I knew it, it was an hour later. I got up to put him in his bed & realized when I tried to straighten my arm that my bicep was RUINED. Seriously – the stabbing pain was excruciating. It still hurts today. And the best part is that I can’t even claim a cool injury. It’s injured because I’m an obsessive dork who can’t stop playing my zoo game.

In awesome news, Henry made a decision on Thursday afternoon. I heard Maggie & Steven telling me from the living room that Henry was taking steps by himself. He’s been doing that occasionally, so I didn’t take much notice. Then I popped my head in and saw this:

You go, little man. This was totally rocktastic. Steve came home for dinner that night before going back to the hospital, and that’s how he was greeted. Gave him a much-needed smile. Tomorrow is my friend, Melly’s, birthday. Do me a favor & pop over to her blog & leave her a happy birthday, okay? Tell her I sent you.