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When I last left off, I told you about our new van. However, I haven’t taken the time to take pictures of it in the day yet, so that will have to wait for another day. I will tell you about the other things I didn’t get to in the last post, though.

Crochet. Like a boss. I crocheted a hat for an old friend, another one for a gift for the baby of one of Steve’s coworkers. I sold a custom hooded cocoon for someone on etsy, which made me very, very happy. And I added 5 more things. Wanna see?

First, there’s a yummy hooded cocoon in shades of brown & cream that’s perfect for a preemie/newborn. There are several owl hatssome are premade and I’m even offering a “made to order” version. This is the hat I made for my friend & Steve’s coworker, so I think it’s pretty cute. Next is the custom hooded cocoon I sold, but I decided to offer a made to order version of that, too. If you like these cocoons, this is a totally awesome one because it uses really special, unique, handspun yarn and it’s really loosely woven, so it looks great in pictures. I did an unhooded version of this in some of the most amazing yarn I’ve ever bought. This is supermegaawesome thick & thin handspun yarn in these gorgeous colors that are somehow both vibrant and muted at the same time. Then I did another hooded version in this rich chocolate brown thick & thin handspun yarn that I loved working with. It’s DELICIOUS. Followed by another one of the first hooded cocoons, but in purple. Finally, I started on some football-themed hats. I had done the Chicago Bears one for my cousin’s newborn son and then made a second one (a little bigger) that I listed. I hadn’t added the braids & poms yet, so I offered it both with and without the braids/poms so people can get what they want. Then I found another cool pattern and put together a Green Bay Packers mohawk hat that turned out beautifully. And I just made one more little long-tailed thick & thin pom hat for 3-6 months done in a pink/cream/black handspun yarn that I haven’t listed yet.

What I really like is that I’m realizing that it isn’t just what I’ve already created that I can sell. I can offer the option for people to special order something that they’ve seen in my shop, but in their own color preferences or size. Hey, you like my Chicago Bears hat, but you’re a Cowboys fan? Ask & I’ll make a Cowboys one. Not a huge NFL fan, but ever faithful to Michigan, Notre Dame or Ohio State? Let me know & I can create that for you. Maybe you prefer MLB or NHL or professional soccer or NBA. It’s cool because I can make a bunch of styles in whatever color scheme you want. So tell your friends & neighbors.

Thanksgiving for us was really simple & nice. Unfortunately, we had sickness in the house, so we couldn’t host my parents & grandma liked we’d planned, but Steve still put together a lovely meal for just us. Maggie helped him with the cooking and Steven & I did some cleaning. I spent much of the afternoon crocheting until dinner was ready. I couldn’t have asked for a less stressful holiday, y’know?

Steve prepares the bird & does some carving. On the table, we show the sweet potato casserole, stuffing, turkey & the cranberries. It was a super nice meal.

I’ve also done a couple more scrapbook layouts.

Journaling says:
You were so adorable. We took so many photos this fall. At the Meacham Grove Forest Preserve & Morton Arboretum among other places. You always really enjoyed these trips. You loved the climbing, exploring, running, jumping, finding bugs & animals – all of it. And you were beautiful doing it. I miss these times, my Steven. You’re growing so fast, but you’ll always be my little man.

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Journaling says:
Thank goodness there are two. Maggie has insisted on having a turkey leg every Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember. When Steven was old enough, he took the other one. I guess it never mattered if anybody else wanted one, because they both were claimed immediately. I’ve always found it kind of hysterical to see these little kids gnawing on these huge turkey legs like Henry the Eighth or something. I’m kind of sad that I can’t find the pictures from when Maggie was really little, but at least I have these.

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Journaling says:
I love my village. Some of my earliest Christmas memories are of my mother setting up her Christmas village. I just loved all the little houses, the miniature trees, the tiny people – all of it. She would put down the faux snow, add the lighted houses, the many trees, the mirror to represent a frozen pond, the church that wound up and played “Silent Night, put the ice skaters on the pond and I’d just lose myself in this magical, tiny town. I think it was my favorite part of our Christmas tradition. When I became an adult and had my own home and family, I decided it was time for my own village. I started with just a few pieces – the church, a house, a shop. I’ve slowly collected things. Some were given to me by my mom. Some I discovered at resale stores. A couple I bought full price. I must admit, I love them all. I have a couple of spots where I put them. The Buffet gets cleared off and all the shops go there. On the mantle I place all the houses, the school and the big, light-up Christmas tree. When William gets bigger, I’ll probably put some on the piano as well, but right now it’s just too tempting for him. Of course, in his mind, they’re toys to be added to his train table. I’ll just keep them up high for now.

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Another new thing is that I’ve found myself spending a lot of time watching documentaries on Netflix. At first, I just picked a couple that looked interesting and then I started just adding almost all of them to my queue. Here’s a list:

Follow dancers training for the Youth America Grand Prix, one of the world’s most prestigious ballet competitions. This was really good. Didn’t love it, but liked it a lot.

Go behind the scenes at South Park Studios with Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and see how an episode is created — in just six days. This was good. It was interesting to see how they put it together so quickly, but I’m not a huge fan of South Park, so….

David Attenborough: Wildlife Specials. Yeah. Always been a sucker for a good wildlife documentary. The Polar Bear wasn’t terribly interesting, but I really like the crocodile one.

MicroCosmos is a French documentary using special equipment to capture the tiniest creatures. This was TOTALLY COOL. Again, file under “Wildlife documentaries: Huge Fan Of.”

A 6 part BBC documentary. Not really a “fun” documentary, but this was outstanding. Amazing, insightful, illuminating and terrible. I learned a lot and it was just gut-wrenching hearing the 1st person accounts.

I gotta learn not to watch these History Channel presentations. They just aren’t that good. I would classify this as “meh”.

I really, really, really disliked these kids and I’m one of them. That, I think, says a lot.

This was compelling. Meth is terrifying and I thought this was a really good “why” example.

SO GOOD. If you’re a fan of horror, this is a great documentary.

Not as good as I’d hoped. What did I learn? Scott Bakula seems like a genuinely good guy. Patrick Stewart is a bit of an imp. And Avery Brooks is clinically insane.

This is just a sampling. There are probably another dozen in my “Recently Watched” queue. And another 6 in my “Instant Queue”. Oh, boy.