So Long, 2009

It’s the last night of ’09 and here I sit in my husband’s office with Will on a pillow next to me, Maggie having a slumber party with 2 friends in the basement, Henry in bed and Steven at a sleepover elsewhere. We are sitting here watching Paranormal Activity, which I really want to see, but I’m a little anxious that it’s going to scare the crap out of me. Thankfully, there’s a “stop” button, so I can abandon this at any moment.

So, I’m looking back over the past year – which one is wont to do at the dawn of a new year – and I have to admit, I’m a little amazed at how much change has occurred this year. Of course there are the big things like the anticipation of William’s arrival and his subsequent addition to our family. But there were also a bunch of smaller things that were remarkable to me.

In January, I closed down my Butternug Squash stand-alone store. This was quite a big deal for me, as I’d worked quite hard over the past 4 years to establish myself as a presence in the digital scrapbook community. I certainly grew as a designer in those 4 years & and I was quite proud of the designs I was putting out. Unfortunately, the community in general did not agree. I did my best to get my name out there and promote my designs, but they just never caught on. I would have kept going simply because I enjoyed it, but with the struggles I had with my pregnancy and the expectation of the changes that would come with William, I decided I did not have the time or energy to devote to the site like I should. I was still selling at Natural Designs in Scrapbooking at that point, but I ultimately decided to stop altogether in September. I think it was the right decision. I’ve definitely had more time to focus on the house and family, which is so good. I’m still working on getting my act together in that regard, but it’s certainly improved this year.

Then there’s Henry. He started out the year at one school, in a 2.5 hour/day program. Things were not progressing, however, and he moved to a different program at a different school, which is full day and filled with more stuff for him. The change is marked. This year, he’s started eating more solid foods, talking a lot more and really accomplishing stuff in class. He’s matching like a champ, knows his colors and his ABCs, many numbers, uses the computer, knows his classmates names and calls them by them, greets everyone in the morning with “Hello, ‘name’!” I’m realizing & accepting that he’s at the level of about a 3-3.5 year old and I’m going to just be okay with that. He’s starting to do things that are appropriate for that developmental age like moving into a real bed, eating more food, being a lot more interactive. I actually think we might try potty training in a little bit. Both Maggie & Steven got it at about 3.5, so he might start being ready pretty soon. We’ll see.

January 2009


December 2009

I wonder what’s in store for 2010. I hope it’s a good year, both for us and for the world. I hope the economic situation begins to improve. I hope Henry makes even more progress. I can’t wait to see how William develops. I hope Maggie grows even more in wisdom and beauty. I hope Steven finds more peace and ability to calm and find serenity even more than he already has. I hope Steve & I can find more time together – maybe even some time without the kids. I hope I can get more control over our house & home. I hope I can find more time to do things I love like photography and scrapping. I hope I can, at some point, get control over my eating better so I can beat this overweight crap. Mostly, I hope our family is healthy & happy in 2010.