So. . .I Was Thinking

I know, I know. “That’s so dangerous, Christy. You might sprain something.” Bwah. Ha. Ha. Seriously. I was doing my blog hopping and I saw 2 different posts that really triggered something to talk about for me. which, when you have a blog, is a precious, precious thing.

My first stop was one of the many scrapbooking blogs I frequent, Cathy Zielske’s Bits & Pieces. She had this great post which was a journaling challenge which, by the way, is a great way to get me to stop & pay attention. She talked a bit about the time-honored idea of using travel time in the car to connect with your kids. That time is optimal because your kids are trapped and they’re often more receptive to opening up and sharing and you can offer up tidbits of wisdom since you can’t look directly at them since you’re driving. I think that, actually, is the kiss of death in teen/parent communication. Having to look directly into what I call the “Eye of Sauron”. Y’know?

Anyway, I have found in my experience that time driving in the car ends up being pretty good for me & Maggie to talk. She will often bring something up that’s bothering her or that she’s thinking about and we’ll talk about it. But you know what’s NOT conducive to the whole “hashing it out” vibe? Hearing a constant “What?!? What are you talking about???!!?” shouted from the back seat. Because someone else in the family, who’s not involved in the conversation, cannot STAND not knowing everything that’s going on.

Okay – off topic for one minute. Distracted by what’s on TV. Can we PLEASE stop these horrible commercial for Human Societies? Between the one with Sarah McLachlan crooning her deathly haunting “Arms of the Angel” over photos of very, very sad animals, the new ASPCA one with Willie Nelson whining “Always on My Mind” over similar gut-wrenching photos, or the one I JUST SAW. Wendie Malick and the Humane Society just ripped out my soul & stomped on it with horrible, sharp kitten claws. I literally exclaimed, “Oh, my GOD” by the 4th picture.

We GET IT, animal groups. Stop it. Just stop it. You’re killing me here. Though, for some reason, I started laughing when the white, cross-eyed cat came on. I know. I’m all dead inside.

Okay. Back on topic. My point was, I love the idea of connecting with your kids in the car. I love the idea of scrapping the moments of sharing and connecting with your kids in the car. However, it all becomes far less…ummm….memorable when one kid starts talking about an issue they’re curious about and a constant, “WHAT???!!??” interrupts from the back. Not that I’d expect anything different. Since I can’t even have a phone call without being interrogated about who it was and everything we talked about. Yeek.

Then, I stopped by The Junk Drawer, another blog I love. She had a post about blogging and the idea of not wasting all your good blog material with little Tweets & Twitters & Facebook status updates. Which I do a lot of. I’ll have a short idea or thought & rather than try to flesh it out, I’ll just Tweet it. Leaves me with precious little to blog about sometimes. I’m going to try to do that more, because even a small thought fleshed out a bit could be a decent blog post. Or they could all just end up like this:

Ten plastic surgeries at once? Triple-D implants that still aren’t big enough? Turning yourself into an inflatable doll? Heidi Montag? There are boxes of hair smarter than you. I have two words for you and you really, really should take them to heart.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

If that don’t haunt you for days on end, you have no soul.