That’s how I feel right now. So tired, yet again. what’s WRONG with me?

On Thursday, I got an email from Susan over at 5 Minutes for Mom. She had purchased one of my templates and was flustered, so she asked if I could call her. Of course, I did. Apparently, she had one of those “All About Me” photo boards to do for her preschooler (Man, those used to annoy me) and she really didn’t know what she was doing. We talked for quite a while – with her giving me all sorts of fabulous advice about promotion and gave me the idea to make video tutorials to help out the newbie person like her. Let me tell you, the notes I took were rapid & copious!

After all the help she gave me, I decided that I’d help her out by whipping up her photo thing for her. Even if I talked her through it, it would take her tons longer than it’d take me, so I did it for her. And she gave me this write up! How nice is that??

And, of course, I took her advice and RAAAAAN. I’ve done 3 videos now and have them up at my site. So if you’re someone who’s looking to learn a little about digital scrapbooking and figure out if it’s for you, go check them out.

Butternug Squash Designs

There’s one video at the bottom of my splash page – just for a taste. Then, if you see the link for “Videos” over on the left, you’ll go to the page with the other 2. I’d love your feedback – if you like them or have suggestions, let me know. I’d love to hand out some freebie quick pages to some newbie digiscrappers who view my videos and give me feedback, so leave me a comment with your email address and I’ll shoot you a little present!

Oh, and if you could pray that I would stop EATING EVERYTHING I CAN GET MY HANDS ON, I’d totally appreciate it. I’m tired of my stomach feeling so horrible & creepy. Plus, it’s like a big lump of crap festering in there. STOP EATING. NOW.