Wow – what a week. And it’s only Tuesday. Here I sit at 9pm, kids all finally in bed, watching The Patriot for the 54783656387346587465877983479837 time because I have nothing else to watch & my inner brat wants some Jason Isaacs. I love this movie.

This is week #2 of summer camp. The added twist? Maggie is taking a week off of the original summer camp to do a different summer camp. In a town in the opposite direction from the summer camp Steven’s at. It’s worth it, though. Maggie’s camp is a Christian Youth Theatre camp called Broadway Kids. I honestly have never seen her so excited and committed to anything. It started yesterday and she was vibrating. It’s really a wonderful program to teach them about singing & acting & movement. It was interesting to me to see how far behind a lot of the other kids she is, though. Many of these kids have obviously been taking lessons, doing shows and becoming immersed in the whole theatre culture for a number of years already. The funniest part was overhearing some of the mothers talking to one another & rattling off their child’s roles/accomplishments/auditions, etc. It’s like, “Dude? Your kid’s SEVEN. Give it a rest.”

So we had our parents’ meeting while the kids ran off with the leaders (a bunch of really cool high school kids) to play games & stuff. Of course they were looking for volunteers to do stuff and because I am certifiably INSANE, I volunteered to be the camp photographer/photo board maker. Thankfully, I have absolutely nothing else happening in my life, so I can fully devote myself to this. Whitney was right. Crack is whack. When I volunteered, I thought they’d want me there all day snapping away, but I was relieved to discover that I could work it around my life. I went this morning, took a bunch of shots during the opening revelry and then went to each break-off session and took some more shots. Then I went home. I came back about a half hour before dismissal and took a bunch more shots of them rehearsing for the BIG SHOW on Friday. I’ll go back and get some more tomorrow morning (Crazy Hair Day) & afternoon and then Thursday afternoon (Water Games). Then I’ll get to take all the shots & make some cool LOs with them to show off at the Friday showcase so all the parentals can see what little Suzie & Gary were up to all week. Yes, I know. I was totally psycho to volunteer myself to do this, but when they said they needed someone to be the camp photographer & do these photo boards, I knew they were talking to me. Just gotta work it out.

Additionally, I’m finishing up the next 2 kits in my Conservatory series for release on Friday. (Just a pause here as Col. Tavington arrives on screen………..cripes, I love his left eyebrow…..it’s so snarky) Yellows & blues will be released this week. (Just…..man. The yum)

We also got Maggie’s Stanford test results this week. I knew the girl was smart, but GOOD LORD. The girl tested out reading on a 10TH GRADE LEVEL. Seriously. Word Study Skils: Post-High School. Reading Vocabulary: 6th Grade level. Reading Comprehension: 9th Grade level. Math on a 4th grade level. Language between 10th & 11th grade level. Spelling between 8th & 9th Grade level. The only thing she tested age-appropriately on was “Environment” which apparently is History, Sciences, Geography, etc. She tested 3rd Grade level on that. Because she goes to a Christian school, they also give Bible assessment. Girl got 3 QUESTIONS WRONG. She scored a 666 (no, don’t read into that) with 616 & above being “Advanced” which means “Exceptional mastery of Biblical facts & principles with a strong understanding of how to apply them.” Good heavens. Steve & I were talking about it this morning. This is a real quandry. She has the ability to read material that is far beyond her emotional maturity, which presents a problem in knowing what’s appropriate to present to her. She flies through age-appropriate material – becoming very easily bored. But stuff that’s more challenging for her is simply not for an 8 year old. I realized on Monday that she had taken one of Daddy’s books from this amazing Christian History Project . He got 3 of the books that give the history of the Christian church – from the death of Christ onward. She had been reading that book – “A Pinch of Incense”. Quick – click the link & check out what it’s about & what’s in it. I’ll wait. This is a book that Steve finds fascinating, rich & wonderful. And Maggie not only was reading it, she understood it. Monday, as I’m driving her to camp, she starts telling me about Perpetua and some other woman and how they had to choose between their faith in God and their lives or, in Perpetua’s case, the lives of their children. Not only had I never heard of these people she’s talking about, I had no idea she knew about the concept of martyrdom. Apparently, according to Steve, this particular book is mostly about martyrdom and can get rather graphic. She had no problem with it. It is time to go through my bookshelves and make sure there’s nothing there that I don’t want her to read. Or else girl’s gonna learn about God’s plan for marital intimacy WAY ahead of schedule.

(Oooh. Tavington on a horse brandishing a sword. How…..ruggedly brutal) Oh, one last exciting adventure for moi. Saturday night, Steve & I hear this annoying squeaking in our bedroom. It’s a mouse, I’m sure of it. We fight over who has to look for it….under my bathroom sink. As we empty out the cabinet, I realize it’s coming from behind one of the drawers where there’s a glue board. Poor little mousey was caught on the glue board. He was tiny & I actually felt bad for him. As I threw the glue board in the outside garbage can. Cut to about 30 minutes later. As I sit right where I am now, on the bed, typing away on my computer, I see something move out of the corner of my eye. That’s right, race fans, ANOTHER mouse. I tried to corner him, but he seemed to squeeze between the floor and the baseboard behind my dresser. Them critters can get SMALL, y’all. I couldn’t get him, so I went to bed hoping he’d find his way out of the house. (Awww….. poor Tavington. Cornwallis treats him so nastily. He just wants to be LOVED….is that so WRONG??? I just wanna give him a hug.) Cut to Sunday afternoon. I come home from church, change my clothes and sit back down on the bed to check email. And that nasty peripheral vision catches little mousey again. He ran behind the toilet and I got a plastic bowl and trapped him. Unfortunately I then had to slide something under the bowl so I could flip him over & take him outside. That’s a real trick. I got him flipped and released him outside. Then I realized I must have hurt him cuz there was blood in the bowl. I probably released him, injured, to await certain death. But….at least he’s not in my house. i really hate mice. They make me all irrational and desirous to just set the house on fire to run them out. That’s all for now. I must go because there’s a Tavington shaving-by-a-stream scene coming up & I need to pay attention.