Gosh, I am SO SICK. I caught strep from Henry and I feel like hot buttered garbage. Achy, dizzy, feverish and my throat hurts. (By the way, don’t ever Google “strep throat” and look through the images. Good GRAVY.)

Another week that’s gotten away from me. Dealing with Henry getting strep last Friday & taking care of him over the weekend while Steve was out of town at a speech tournament. Then, Sunday was Steve’s birthday. We went shopping for him on Saturday and, I must confess, I knocked it out of the park. We found this tea store in the mall and I got him some amazing Japanese tea things. See, my husband is an eclectic man. He loves science fiction and beautiful clothes, boxing and the theatre, a delicious steak and a nice cup of tea. So when I saw this tea store that I didn’t know about previously, I was quite hopeful. I knew he didn’t have any Japanese tea implements as he had focused on the English tea tradition. So I took a shot. Here’s what I got:

The tea kettle is cast iron (read: heavy, SRS BZNS kettle) and has a bronze-look finish with the imperial dragon design. It sits atop the cast iron warmer which holds a tea light, natch. What’s awesome about that is, unlike most candle holding accessories, in order for it to tip & start a fire, you’d have to really, purposefully, SHOVE it until it fell off its surface. Nothing can “reach” in and start on fire and an accidental bump won’t do a thing. So he can use it in his classroom without incident. Ensuring he can engender confusion & gossip in his students, which is every teacher’s goal, I think.

In other, more distressing news, we learned this week that Maggie & Steven’s school will not continue next year. The board of the church that hosts the school decided definitively not to renew their lease. So, without a building for next year, the school’s options were either to build a building (not financially feasible) or find another building to lease. The latter was being explored, but many families just kept saying, “we have to stay in this building – you have to do whatever it takes”, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the church board said “no” every single time. Kind of difficult to do “whatever it takes” when there IS no “whatever”.
So a percentage of the school’s families decided that they would not return if it was moving to a new building, effectively ensuring that there wouldn’t be a school anymore. Without families paying tuition & being involved, the funds simply wouldn’t be there to move to new location. It left the school board no option but to shut down. Thankfully, God provided for Maggie, so we needn’t worry about her for next year. Steven, however, is a different story. We now have to find him a different school. And we have to do so in a pretty big hurry, as open enrollment usually starts at the end of February or beginning of March. The really unfortunate part is that any private, Christian school is at least 20 minutes away. There’s on in the next town over that, I’ve heard, isn’t as challenging as we’d like. There’s a very good school that’s about 30-40 minutes away that’s we’re considering. There’s Henry’s school, not sure if that would work for Steven, but we’ll check it out.

I’m just so discouraged. It just seems to keep happening – we find something amazing & awesome that works perfectly for our family and it’s quirks and after a short period of time, it completely implodes. And for Steven, the school environment is so incredibly important. His Asperger’s isn’t really bad enough to need an IEP, but it’s a big enough issue that certain things can really set him up for failure. He cannot tolerate it when he believes that things aren’t fair or that justice is not being served. He’s terrified of bullies. And, with public schools currently having such large class size, the teacher’s really won’t have the time to deal with his eccentricities. I know, we have been so incredibly spoiled by our current school with it’s gifted and compassionate teachers and small class sizes. When you only have 10 kids in your class, you really can focus more in each individual child and work with their strengths as well as against their weaknesses.

So, the next couple of weeks is going to be a stressful one for me as we evaluate the different schools and figure out what we can do, both financially and in terms of getting him to & from. I know that God has a plan & it’s amazing. It’s just so difficult to wait for it, you know?