Sick and tired of being…

You know the rest. Here I am, at an AmeriSuites on a little mini-break, sick as the blazes. After a nuclear meltdown I had at the family on Monday, Steve booked me a weekend away – I think as much for them as for me. I came here Friday night, went to Archiver’s to buy stuff for a new project I’m going to do and went to see Nanny McPhee. I really, really enjoyed this film. Emma Thompson was, as always, brilliant. I watch her act and it’s like she’s the most amazing thing ever. Colin Firth was his usual bumbling self and just when you thought you’d smack him….he’d smile. And it’s all melty, that smile. The kids were cute, especially the baby. Fattest baby EVER. My favorite part was the way the set/costume/art design was done in amazing vibrant, jammy colors. Grape, raspberry, bubble gum, lime, blueberry….they all looked so delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love going to movies by myself. Then today I slept until 9:30 (!) and had a leisurely breakfast. I got 2 scrapbook LOs done. Steve & the kids came & got me to go to lunch. At the mall. Which was HORRIBLE. Everyone in the NW, W, SW suburbs of Chicago was at Woodfield. And Steven was being a major pain. Steve had to take him to the bathroom to spank him.

Y’know, I really hate going to the mall when it’s crowded. Especially when young people are there. It is so difficult to maneuver a stroller around people who give no thought to the people around them. Cut in front of you so you have to slam on the brakes. Just stop in the middle of the walkway. Walk out of the store and stand there looking helpless. All of which you have to avoid. I swear, sometime I’m going to just keep going and smash into their ankles. After that I went for a haircut & deep tissue massage. Quick haircut – i think I might need it shorter. 50 minute deep tissue massage that WASN’T HARD ENOUGH. I think someone at the spa was either covered in anthrax or her massage table was crawling with the flu. By the time we were done, I thought my sinuses were made of fiberglass. I thought it was just from all the muscle beating, but I think I came down with a super something.

I went to Barnes & Noble, had a coffee and bought some books. Then over to Target to get Diet Coke & hair gel. I found myself wandering loopily through the store. I was getting dizzy, feverish, my sinuses felt like I’d snorted Comet and my throat is shredded. I actually called Steve from the store cuz I thought I might pass out. I quickly paid, and got back to the hotel. Now I’m parked in front of my laptop, watching SVU (Michael Gross can’t act, y’all) and blogging. I’m slightly shaky, I’m coughing, and there are tiny fragments of glass dancing around in my sinuses. I’m going to bed.