Run Away

What is wrong with me that I cannot remember to blog!! Even 5 minutes….good heavens.

So I just watched the pilot episode of Mockingbird Lane. I have a new show that I’m going to love. For one reason only – Eddie Izzard. This man is amazing, hysterical and incredibly talented! I’m really hoping this will be a good show because I love watching him. He can stuff more subtext and snark into one line reading than most actors could get in an entire script. More Eddie, y’all. More. The show is darker and more of a drama than the half-hour comedy The Munsters it’s based on, which I think will be wonderful.

I’m really into the dark, scary stuff right now. I still love The Walking Dead (season 3, anyone?), American Horror Story, Cursed, Paranormal Witness. I watched a couple episodes of Ghost Adventures and these guys are the biggest d-bags I’ve ever seen on TV. I watched a movie on Netflix last night called Grave Encounters that was based on these ghost search shows. It takes the premise of these shows and sets it up with a group like these Ghost Adventures dudes. In the movie, this “investigative” team makes most of this stuff up and they find this supposedly haunted psychiatric hospital and lock themselves in to shoot an episode. Needless to say, things go horribly, horribly wrong. After seeing the Ghost Adventures TV show, most of the movie made me laugh because I’d love to see these jerks actually have something show up and make them pee their pants and scream like a tiny little girl. Because I get really annoyed when useless people like this go in and start taunting the ghosts they believe are there. “Come out & show yourself!!” “You’re just a coward (or a jerk or a bully or whatever insult they choose to hurl at the spirits)” I absolutely want something evil, violent and terrifying just to step out of the shadows and eat their faces while making some gut-meltingly unholy noise. That said, the movie did scare me a bit. As I’ve said before, I have a problem when things are disproportionate – like mouths growing too big for the face or facial features being wrong or missing. Seeing that always freaks me out. There were a couple of those moments in this and they made me jump.

Can I just say that it needs to be a rule, nay a law, that if you are ever anywhere in the world at night (on a road, in a barn, in your house, in a corner, out of the corner of your eye) and you see someone standing, sitting, crouching, kneeling or whatever and they have their back to you? RUN AWAY. Under no circumstances should you try to get their attention or wait for that person to turn around. Because if they do? YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO UNSEE WHAT IS WHERE THEIR FACE SHOULD BE. I’m seeing a lot of that in horror movies & TV lately. “We were driving on this lonely, abandoned, twisty road at night in the fog and we saw this pale, long-haired woman crouched in a ditch on the side of the road. Her back was to the road and she was rocking back and forth. It seemed wrong.” Really? Really?!? “It seemed wrong”??? BECAUSE IT WAS COMPLETELY BLOODY WRONG, YOU TWIT. “We turned around and went back to see if she was okay or needed a ride or something (because we no longer relish life and want to go mad before we die) and she was gone. We turned back around and continued home and about 2 miles down the road, there she was again. So we stopped.” You STOPPED?? The crouching, rocking woman magically covered 2 miles of road on foot in the time you drove it and you STOPPED? Whatever happens next? You deserve. “I rolled down the window and asked if she needed help or we could call someone or anything….” Then the camera holds on the ditch as this…..thing….turns its head to the camera and it has no face or a demon face or something equally horrifying. And we’re supposed to feel sorry for them.

So the moral of the story is this: Anytime you encounter a person you weren’t expecting to be wherever you are and you’re in the dark or a strange place and they won’t turn around? DO NOT ENGAGE. Okay? Okay.

Hold on – I’m about to downshift and take a corner at 50 mph now.

Scrapbooking!! Yay!! Want to see some more layouts? No?

Journaling says:
Dean Street School was where I began my scholastic career. It’s so interesting to look back and see the differences betwen elementary school in the 70s and elementary school today. My hairstyles were pretty awful. I can remember these clothes -even how they felt against my skin. What I wore in my 3rd grade picture was so soft – a cotton jersey-feel. The rust color wasn’t great, but it WAS the 70s, after all. The 4th grade sweater was scratchy & uncomfortable, but I loved the necklace. The white shirt was pretty soft & I thought the keyhole opening was cool. My graduation outfit made me so happy. I wore nylons & heels for the 1st time!
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Journaling says:
I felt like I’d waited so long. I had always wanted one of those gorgeous, colorful autumn displays filled with pumpkins, gourds, mums, haybales & corn stalks. I could never do it either because I didn’t have the place to put it or because it was too expensive or whatever. This year, however, I set aside the money. We had our front porch area redone to make a little patio under the front window I had bought a couple of mums already & stopped by Red Barn to get corn & pumpkins for the boys. They had some cool gourds, so I picked them up, too. The next day, I went to Tom’s to get corn stalks & hay bales & realized that they weren’t that expensive, so I picked up another mum & some little pumpkins as well. And I love it. It makes me so happy. Others won’t understand spending over $150 on something like this, but it makes me so happy that I think it’s worth it.
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My cousin, Katie, & her daughter Mckenna. Love them both!!
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Autumn photo shoot in 2003
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Journaling says:
Hazel. Sparkling like diamonds. Huge. Almond-shaped. Expressive. Limpid, Twinkling, Shimmering. Filled with fun. Filled with mischief. Completely disappear when happy. Long, long lashes. Flecks of gold & green. Pellucid. Wicked. Deep. Sometimes squirrely. Sometimes naughty. Languid. Spritely. Mirthful. Out of this world. Soulful. Joyous. Squinchy. Elvin. Just Henry.
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Five Generations of family photos. From 1887-2006. PHoto captions say:
The Ziehm Family – 1887 (my great-grandmother, Margaret, is far right)
The Pingel Family – 1925 (my great-grandmother, Margaret, is 2nd from left, my grandmother, Dorothy, is 2nd from right)
The Kuhlman Family – c. 1955 (my grandmother’s husband, Myron, is in back. My mother, Peggy, is 2nd from right)
The McClain Family – 1980 (my mother, Peggy, is in front & I am far right)
The Sturm Family – 2006 (I am the woman in back)
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