Right Above My Left Eye…

fNY7f…lies a horrible, annoying headache that will not go away. I could easily blame it on the beginning of Christmas break. I could. That would be very easy and probably not off base. Maybe that’s not the whole story. Maybe.

So. School’s out for 2 weeks. Which is good and bad. Honestly, I have a really hard time handling all 4 kids at once. It’s pretty much impossible to accomplish anything because somebody always needs something RIGHT NOW. And, as soon as I finish with kid #1, kid #2 goes off and wants to, I don’t know, EAT or something. Sheesh. So, even though I’m getting up at like 7:30-8:00 every morning, I’m only getting 1 or 2 things accomplished during the day. That kind of thing drives me loony.

What have I accomplished, you ask? Well, let’s see. I got the Christmas cards & letter finished, which was an ordeal in & of itself. I got them all designed and the letter written and went to print them. Realized I was out of the kind of paper I needed, so I had to go pick that up. Then I realized that I needed envelopes, so I ordered them. That done, I began printing. I got about 15 done and then ran out of the ONE COLOR OF INK for which I didn’t have a backup. And, of course, my printer’s ink isn’t available at any brick-and-mortar stores, so I had to order THAT. Three days later, the box arrived, I opened it and discovered it WAS THE WRONG COLOR. I honestly don’t know whose fault it was, so I’ll blame myself. I ordered it AGAIN and sat back to wait. When the correct color arrived, I printed them out. THEN I realized that my cards & envelopes were square and I’d better check to make sure on the postage regulations. What a shocker to discover that it would be extra postage to mail these square envelopes. Out AGAIN to get rectangular envelopes that will still fit the cards and the only ones were in pastel colors. So I shoved my square cranberry & silver Christmas cards into rectangular pastel envelopes and stopped caring. I’ve got most of them addressed and ready to go, but I’ve still got another dozen or so to print out and address. I’m still marking it as “done” on my list.

I also had one gift that I needed to make (I’m not telling more because the recipient reads my blog) and that is nearly done. Just have to put it together and wrap it.

Baking needs to be done, but I’ll do that on Wednesday.

Wrapping needs to be done. I did a couple yesterday, but didn’t really make a dent. I still have a couple things left to get, too.

I’ve been meaning to blog for days, but haven’t had the time to do it.

So. Friday was probably the busiest day I’ve had all year. Of course EVERYBODY had their Christmas parties at school and other little activities that they wanted me to be there for. So here was my day. I dropped Maggie & Steven off at 8:10. Then took Henry to his school at 8:30. Then I ran back home to feed & dress William, get the camera together and head back to the 1st school. Steven’s teacher recruited me to do this Progressive Story thing that she’d wanted to do. She called and asked me to do it and I decided to read them The Gift of the Magi, which has always been one of my favorite Christmas stories. She divided the class into 3 groups and they “progressed” around to the 3 different parents and heard the different stories. I was surprised that none of them had even heard of this story, since it was so big in my day. I hadn’t read through it before I got there, so as I’m reading, I realized I needed to edit to make sure the kids could understand it. It was full of really big, obstreperous words that I knew they wouldn’t understand and, if it went too long without their being able to understand, they’d zone out. So I edited as I read. Made me have to really pay attention, I’ll tell you that. But it worked. Each group said they liked the story and they got the message, so I win.

Maggie had come into our room as I was reading & took Will into her room to show him off. When I finished, I went in there and found her holding court with all her friends ooohing and aaahhhhing over Will. She was loving that in a big way. Will was offering up his most adorable smiles, so he showed off well.

Packed Will back up and ran to grab myself some lunch. Then off to Henry’s school for their Christmas party deal. I originally was going to skip it, but I decided to go at the last minute. This??? Was a MADHOUSE. All these poor kids whose routines were completely abandoned so they could participate in the holiday activities like decorating cookies, making reindeer chow, a pinecone birdfeeder & ornaments. And every. single. child. in Henry’s class had a meltdown. They wanted to keep playing with their beads or on the computer or reading books. There were too many people in the room, too much noise & music and it was like XTREME SENSORY OVERLOAD DAY. Plus, we left the classroom to a din of squealing and running to discover Santa & Mrs. Claus roaming the halls with Santa’s reindeer dog. Henry dug the dog in a big way, but this was his reaction to both Santa & the Mrs.

He couldn’t be trying to get away from her more. I’m surprised he didn’t blacken her eye.

Here’s Henry after his incredible meltdown. His teacher, Miss Michelle, finally calmed him down with some books. Praise GOD.

And here he is with Mr. Meck, his gym teacher, as they attempt to get him to decorated a cookie. Henry cannot think of anything he’d rather do less.

Oh, by the way, I didn’t show you the strangely obscene turkey hat they made for Thanksgiving in his class. This made both Steve & I drop our jaws in horror and then burst out laughing.

Gobble, gobble, baby.

Okay I Have to go run errands with my mom, but I’ll be back to regal you with more Stories of My Friday and other stuff later.