Ready to Dig Out My Eye

Yes. The headache is still here. I hate it and it’s driving me nutsy.

When we left last time, I had finished telling about Henry’s time at school on Friday. “That must have been it” you may have thought. Oh, no, no, no. I had to leave Henry’s school before it was all done because Maggie’s class was walking down to the Square to do some caroling. I know Maggie wanted me to see it and I wanted to capture some pictures. I knew they were going to be caroling from about 1:30-2pm, so I left Henry’s school around 1:20, so I’d have some time to run home and nurse William before I went up there. My mom called as I was pulling out of the school parking lot and said she’d meet me at the house so I didn’t have to take the baby. Which – WOO-HOO! Got home, fed Will and she wasn’t there yet. It was now nearly 1:45 and I had to move. So, I put Will back in his car seat, and flew up to the Square where, of course, it was IMPOSSIBLE to find a parking spot.

Just a quick aside – what is it about this time of year that causes people to lose all sense? I swear, the 2 weeks before Christmas, the stupid drivers and brain-dead pedestrians are mind-boggling. People abandoning their cars in traffic, whipping in & out of parking spots without looking first, people wandering around in the street or crossing willy-nilly. It’s nearly impossible to NOT crash into somebody.

Anyway, I finally found a spot and raced to get the stroller out and Will in it, then RAN around the Square to catch up with the kids. They had made it around 3/4 of the Square already, but thankfully, I caught them before they were done. I even got a couple great shots of the whole group.

Here’s another aside: what is it with middle school kids and their aversion to singing or looking like they might be enjoying themselves even the TINIEST little bit? Every time I see a concert or program where 6th grade & above, all the kids are barely moving their mouths and their expressions are just this side of revulsion. Drives me insane. Especially in Christian schools where the kids are singing worship songs and they could not look more bored. Come ON, kids. You’re singing about how much you love Jesus or how awesome God is – TRY not to look like you’ll get punched in the face if you smile.

Anyway. My mom called and apologized profusely then. We totally miscommunicated and she didn’t understand that the window to catch the kids was so small. So she met me as I was taking pictures. Now it’s about 2pm and I’ve got 30 minutes until I pick up Henry, so we went next door and got Starbucks. Then, off to pick up Henry. Then, off to pick up the other 2. Then I called off Henry’s therapy because there was simply no way he was going to be able to perform there after the day he’d had. So…home.

Okay. It’s way past my bedtime. So I’ll leave you with the cutest baby on the planet. Really.