Back at another therapeutic riding session with Henry. I’m finding this is a really good time to blog as I’ve got about an hour to waste and nobody’s bothering or interrupting me. Unfortunately, I have to use my iPhone to do it as I don’t drag my laptop to the horse farm. It takes longer to type everything in this way, but I’m finding I get more written more quickly than at home with the constant interruptions. Plus, it’s really quiet here. Just the occasional whinny from the stalls outside and the low murmur of the horse workers talking quietly as they walk the horse in a circle.
Maggie is officially sick now with strep. Bah. She’s been home all week and started medicine Tuesday, so I’m hoping she feels better quickly. So far, her throat still hurts, but her fever is gone.
The yearbooks arrived on Monday and were passed out today. I got to be there for the distribution and see the kids signing each others’ books. I was surprised that several of them asked me to sign! I’m already looking forward to next year – making it even bigger & better. I’m just worried that I won’t be able to secure the discount I got this year and the actual cost of the books will be too prohibitive. The price was originally $32 for a 40 page, full-color, soft cover book, but I got a donation covering $20 of EACH book, so the families only paid $12 per book. I may have to look into alternative printing sources for next year or they’ll end up being $45-50 per book next year. I don’t want to compromise on the quality we got with the full color pages that look AMAZING, and the turnaround time was RIDICULOUS in its speed. I don’t know. We’ll have to see. Maybe getting some sort of sponsorship or selling a couple of ads could bring the price down.
Okay. Now for the random thoughts I wanted to get down here & out of my head.

  1. I’ve started walking again (which I HATE, by the way) and I spend much of my walk scrolling through music on my iPhone, trying to find something that’s the right tempo. One song that’s perfect is Duffy’s “Mercy”. However, all I can think about when I hear it is AMC’s Mad Men. AMC, if you’re listening, you must acquire permission to use this song in your promos. I can just see it as a bunch of vignettes of Don Draper just being all sexist & Don Draper-y with this song about “you got me begging you for mercy. Why don’t you release me?” I think it would be wicked sexy and a perfect fit for the tone of the show.
  2. I am so mad at Sally Hansen’s creme facial hair remover. I just wanted to get rid of some annoying chin hair that probably no one but me could see anyway. So I got this pack of applicators with the creme built in. Used it exactly according to the directions & only left it on for the minimum time given. Now I am chin hair-free. Of course, I also have a smattering of horrid little burn marks & scabs all on my chin and under my jaw that make me look like I have some violently contagious & disfiguring skin disease. Really quite attractive, that. I guess I’ll just have to grow old and be one of those creepy old ladies with a viney nest of 7 inch long hairs growing out of her chin. It will drive me NUTS if I can’t see well enough to pluck the worst offenders, but I can still feel them. I’ll probably end up clawing my chin skin completely off & just have a big ‘ole chin bone sticking out.
  3. Speaking of skin problems, I’m going to have to put gloves on William, which shouldn’t hamper his development at ALL. He’s got these dry patches if skin on each cheek, right about where the edges of his pacifier touch him, that he keeps scratching till they bleed. I mean, look at this:  Isn’t that awful? He’s got this beautiful creamy baby skin with these 2 huge bloody craters on his cheeks. I’ve tried all sorts of creams – baby eczema cream, Aquaphor, Eucerin, Gold Bond Healing Cream – and I can’t get it to go away. It gets better, but then he scratches the crap out of himself in his sleep and we’re back to square one. It ruins everything and has to be uncomfortable. Can’t even get a good picture of him because of it.
  4. I so totally wish I had pictures of this. The spring program happened a week or so ago and part of my joy in it was watching Steven play the recorder. He’s never played any sort of musical instrument before and he was really into it. He very much liked learning music and I think the regimentedness of it really appeals to his Asperger’s. There are set rules and they don’t change. So he really enjoyed learning the recorder this year. I, however, enjoyed watching him perform it. Because, my friends, Steven keeps time to the music. Some do it with their feet. Steven? Does it with pelvic thrusts. So, as he played these songs, he would thrust, thrust, thrust, thrust. For one number, they played along with a recorded track of some number that sounded straight out of an episode of Starsky & Hutch – complete with boom-chicka-wows. And Steven continued to “thrust, 2,3,4; thrust 2,3,4”. I just about lost it. I just wish I had it on video so I can enjoy it for years to come.
  5. I did laundry on Sunday. Big news there. Except when I went to put the load from the washer to the dryer, I see all sorts of crap all over the clothes. As I pull them out, out come big wads of something. I grab one and realize it’s the spine from my paperback copy of Friday Night Knitting Club. I washed a 384 page book and it completely fell apart. Like big wads of pulp. I hope I didn’t wreck my washer.
  6. Maggie & I have started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer from Netflix on Demand. We just finished the first season & my big problem was this. There’s this big, scary, head vampire called the Master of whom we’re all supposed to be afraid. However, he was played by the actor best known as Douglas C. Neidermeyer from Animal House. So, as he talks all vampiry and evil, all I can think is “Drop & give me twenty!!” or “What do you wanna do with your life?!?” from the Twisted Sister video. It’s weird, but I can’t take him seriously.

Okey-dokey. That’s all I’ve got for today. Oh, and Anthony Head (Giles on Buffy) sounds way too much like Tim Curry.  I keep doing double takes. Odd.