Questions on Friday

Here are some random questions running through my head on a random Friday.

1. Why do I keep on dreaming about being back in high school? Both at high school age and at my age now – as if I needed to go back and take a class or 2 to graduate. At least twice a week I dream that I’m back walking the halls, running past the auditorium, talking to my choir director about whether I can participate in choir even though I’m 40.

2. Why do people who are not delivering supplies to the troops drive Hummers? It’s not like they’re going off-road (due to the shiny chrome they sport), need heavy-duty towing capability (due to the unused character of their towing hitch), or even really have a lot of kids to transport. The word “tool” comes to mind, but I don’t want to jump to conclusions.

3. Why is it, in the dreams mentioned in  #1 above, am I constantly seeking the attentions of guys I never dated or were seriously interested in actually in high school? The guy I did date hardly ever even appears in those dreams. Maybe I’m looking for a do-over in the dating department?

4. How is it that whenever William or Henry are sick, they have the ability to hold onto their vomit until they can achieve maximum soakage of ME? On my shirt, down my shirt, on my pants, in my hair, even in my MOUTH. It never fails. Or, rather, THEY never fail.

5. When did we get to the point, as a society, where no one is allowed to have their own opinion? When we’re constantly attacked, belittled, ignored or dismissed for having an opinion that varies from what is currently fashionable? I mean, I understand that someone may have a differing viewpoint from mine and may even vehemently disagree with me, but when did we go from “agreeing to disagree” to calling names, spewing vitriol, cursing people out or just plain telling someone they must just be too stupid to understand, so they’d better just shut up. Um….actually…NO. I’m not too stupid. I just disagree with you. Keep your intolerance to yourself. Open-minded, my big ol’ backside.

Okay. That’s it for now. Any thoughts on my questions? Any questions of your own? Hash it out with me!