PoxFest 05

Well, day 2 of The Mighty PoxFest is officially over. Took Maggie to the doctor yesterday just to get it confirmed & it’s definitely chicken pox (or pops as Steven says). She actually took the time to count them & she says there’s 115. Most are on her back & around her neck (behind her ears). She’s been super brave about it, though. Just sitting in her room, reading, watching the same 3 movies on her computer over & over again. The worst part is trying to keep her & Steven separated. He just wants to be with her all the time & we’re trying to keep him out of her room. So, about every 20 minutes, Maggie starts screaming from her room, “Mommy!!!” Then I have to go down there & pull Steven out of her room & he’s screaming, “I need Maggie!! I need my Maggie!!” Then he cries for 5 minutes. Quiet for 15 minutes. Then it all begins again. If I wasn’t worried about Henry catching it (which he probably will anyway), I’d just let Steven attach himself to her. The doc said it’d take anywhere from 10-21 days for the pox to show up on the boys, so we’re packed away for a long, boring time.

Nothing else of much interest here. Watched Finding Neverland last night & that was a really nice movie. Both Steve & I were crying at the end of it. One distracting thing was that Johnny Depp’s accent was almost identical to Billy Boyd’s in LOTR. Kept thinking Pippin was up there.

Maggie told me today that when she grows up, she’s going to be a director. She’s going to make a movie for me to be in starring “all your favorite actors”, as she put it. Jason Isaacs, Alan Rickman, Colin Firth, Tim Curry & me. In an scavenger-hunt adventure. I told her there couldn’t be any kissing, though, because Daddy wouldn’t like that. (I only mentioned it because she’s really noticing (and rather grossed out by) all the kissing in movies lately) Her response? “Of course not, Mommy. That would be stupid.” She’s a hoot, that one.