Photos I’m Behind On

I’m so far behind. There are so many things I need to catch up on – scrapbooking assignments, photo processing, reading the manual for my new camera so I can actually take pictures that are good, books I want to read, stuff to talk about here. Then there are the things I want to start on – some cross stitch, learning to crochet (though I did learn the single & double stitch from my mom this week) – and none of this even includes the stuff like housework I need to bull my way through.

Anyway, I processed some photos tonight and found some I’d forgotten about already that I want to share. Because they’re either awesome, hysterical or both. First up is William:

These are Henry’s. The first is just him being weird and the second was his reaction to his first foray into a winter backyard.

Here’s Maggie playing in the monster snowdrifts in the backyard. The fence is 4 feet high, just so you have a frame of reference.

And, finally, 2 other snow shots. Our house from the street and my little, mostly buried snowman.

It’s always fun to find pictures you forgot about. Hope you had a good weekend and have a happy Monday!