I just spent about 45 minutes reading through some of my old posts from 2006. And, boy, did it put my current life in perspective.

I honestly can barely remember those times. When Henry was a little nuglet, we had just learned about Steven’s Asperger’s and Maggie was a little diva. And my life was REALLY, REALLY HARD. I honest don’t remember it, but going back and reading it really gave me a sense of appreciation for how far we’ve come.

Yes, I”m still busy and still stressed. But the busyness and stress are nothing compared to what they were those 6 years ago. Reading those posts did one very, very important thing. It made me aware of how things actually DO get better with time (“This, too, shall pass. Thank you, Grandma Pingel) and how grateful I am for it. Puts what I’m going through now in perspective and makes me feel much better. Yes, I’m tired and older and have 4 kids in different schools and Henry can be annoying and I don’t understand a lot of how Steven functions and I still have a 3 year old and Maggie is now a teenager with all the accompanying stuff that goes with that. But it’s still easier than it was 6 years ago.

And for that? I am thankful.