Out of Apologies

No apologies left. Probably no readers left, either. I just have not been able to sit down and write. Which is pathetic. I think part of it is Twitter – I find myself able to quickly shoot off 140 characters, but not do a proper blog post. However, I cannot believe it’s been over 2 weeks. Sad.

Since what I talked about in my last post? Let’s see…Maggie graduated from 8th grade. School ended. The yearbook was ordered & arrived. Plants were bought & planted. My pretend celebrity boyfriend had a birthday. I photographed my first wedding. Those are just the big moments. Lots of little stuff in between, too.

I’ll share some photos. That’ll help me get caught up a bit.

Maggie (far right) and her girls: Natalie, Shannon, Mrs. Willis & Mackenzie

Cover to the Yearbook

Maggie & her friend, Alyssa

The graduation was something else. These kids in their finest garb, polished & perfumed to the nines. Seeing how amazingly they’ve all grown over the past year. Hearing Shannon, Mackenzie & Maggie sing. Maggie sang “For Good” from Wicked and it RUINED me. Crying and crying. Maggie went and had a mani/pedi and her first eyebrow waxing the day before and, in the afternoon before graduation, got her hair cut, highlighted and done up. It was unbelievable to see her transformed into a beautiful young lady. Just freaky & unbelievable.

This past Saturday, my cousin, Johanna, got married. She and her fiance hired me to be their photographer and I was terrified!! I wanted to make sure everything was perfect & prepared and I didn’t miss anything. I think I did a pretty good job. It was a beautiful wedding focused on what’s important like love, friends, family and celebrating without it being all about money, glitz and the overdone “wedding” thing. Johanna was breathtaking. She called herself a “hippie bride” and I think that was a good description. She was laid-back with a lovely, flowy lace dress and loose, braided hair with flowers. The guys wore suits instead of tuxes. The decoration was focused on the garden at her mom’s house with some planters with other flowers/plants in them. No big, overpriced floral arrangements. It was just lovely and I was so happy for them. I ended up taking 679 pictures and I’ve only processed 176 of them. Yeek. I’ll be here forever. Here’s one of my favorites so far.

Johanna, her sister (and MOH) Katie and niece Mckenna

I took these before the wedding, after getting ready in front of this big window with lots of light. I really liked it. I haven’t even really gone through the other 450 pictures yet, so I’m praying for tons more like these!!

Maggie and I just finished the 4th season of Doctor Who and I’m in mourning now. Watching the 10th Doctor finish up made me so sad. I just totally loved David Tennant (and, let’s face it, a bit of a crush, really) and he just is the Doctor for me. I’m sure I’ll like Matt Smith, too, but they say you never get over your first Doctor. Even though Christopher Eccleston was the first one I saw, I thought David Tennant was way better. Plus, y’know, SCOTTISH. And that hair. He’s just the bomb diggity, yo. Anyway, starting season 5 and we should be caught up soon. I wonder if I’ll go back and watch the really old ones?

Monday begins demolition on our kitchen. I’m looking forward to it and not as well. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the kids during the 3-4 weeks this thing is going to take, but I have to figure something out. I’ll probably have to spend much of next week out of the house because I don’t know that I want William in the house with demo going on. It should be amazing when it’s done, though. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Okay. That basically catches me up. If anybody’s still reading this, happy mid-June!