Only one more day

Only one more day in this house. I can’t hardly believe it. I totally don’t have anything done. Trying to figure out what things need to be moved to live at my parents’ for a month. What things can wait. We’ll be coming back every weekend to pack the rest, but it’s going to be weird. We’ve been here for 9 1/2 years. It’s the only home the kids have ever known. Weird to start over.

We went to the eye doctor place today. Henry’s glasses got lost for a while back in June and then I somehow found them in the middle of the yard. Of course, they were broken – having been mowed over by our lawnmower guys probably 3 or 4 times. We finally got around to getting new ones since school is starting. I actually let Steve decide what kind we should get. The opthomalogist recommended something called “Rec Specs” which are specialized plastic form-fitting glasses for athletes. We tried them, but they were just too big for his face. They totally mushed down his nose. After those didn’t work & Steve was pushing for them, the guy pulls out these swim goggles that have prescription lenses. We tried them & then held a hand mirror up to Henry & he just <em>laughed</em> so hard. So…..that’s what we got. We’re going to try them for a while & see if he will keep them on. Maybe it will get him used to having something on his face and we can slowly transition to regular glasses. It’s going to be interesting to see the reaction of his new teachers when he comes in the classroom with swim goggles on. Thankfully he’s young enough that it will hopefully be cute. I hope. Okay – off to bed. I have to get caught up on the packing tomorrow. And I’se tired.