One Word






Two months passed again. Not sure how. But here I am.

I’m thinking right now about this “One Little Word” movement I’ve seen – mostly in the scrapbooking community. Rather than making all sorts of New Year’s resolutions, you choose one word that represents who you want to be int he next year. It can be something physical, something emotional, something typical, something unusual. Whatever word speaks to you. Then you focus on living that word over the next year – rather than DOING, you’re LIVING.

I like it, I think. I want to choose a word for 2014. My problem is: which one? There are too many things about myself I want to change; too many things I don’t like. I’ve actually chosen 7 words, but I need to narrow it down to one or two. I really want it to be a word with a positive bent rather than something like, “losing weight” or something that has a negative connotation that there’s something WRONG with me.

Here are the words I’m thinking about:

I like “alive” because it forces me to think about how to be more ALIVE in my life. It encompasses a lot of areas, a lot of feelings, a lot of stuff that gets in the way of my being truly alive.

Confident” is more about a “fake it till you feel it” kind of thing. I’m pretty insecure, so presenting a more confident self may help me actually become more confident.

Present” just popped into my head. I’ve spent so much of my life thinking ahead – waiting for something to happen that will make everything okay or “start” my life. Instead of that, “present” would help me focus on living each day and really making sure I’m experiencing it. Also, I spend a lot of time just trying to get through it, rather than immersing myself in the moments. I want to be more present with my children, with my relationships, with what I do every day.

Listen” is mostly focused on my children. I don’t listen to them enough & it creates more stress for me & makes them feel unimportant.

Patience” is again about my children. I don’t think I need to explain THAT.

Revel“. This is about immersing myself in my life. To revel in every moment – whether good or bad – and either learning from it or engaging with it. I like this word because it implies that I’m finding beauty, love, joy and lessons in everyday life.

And “rejoice” is to remind myself that I need to find joy in everything. When I’m frustrated with my life, my children, my family, my circumstances, other people – whatever. Instead of choosing to wallow in the negativity, finding something that makes me rejoice.

So you see my quandary. These are all really, really good words. I’m glad I wrote them all out like this because it helps me see better where I want to go. Just by writing this, I’m eliminating “confident”, “listen”, “patience” and “rejoice” because I can see that they are covered in other words. If I can truly live the word I choose, I will be living these words also by default.

So that leaves “alive“, “present” & “revel“. I’m going to let these simmer for a couple days and see what rises to the top.