NOT A Burden

DS7-copyBefore I write my bit, I have to share a link to what I think is a wonderful post. Written by Michelle, mom to Kayla who also has Down Syndrome, it beautifully gives argument to the idea that having a child with Down Syndrome is too much of a BURDEN. I highly recommend it – she said it far better than I ever could.

You know what chaps my hide? That still, in this day & age, there is a preponderance of opinions that the Down Syndrome community is useless, ripe for mockery, something to be eliminated. I don’t know what brand of stupid you have to be to feel this way, but apparently, the stupid is in the water or something. Another blogger I love, Barbara Curtis, is the mother of 12 – 4 of whom have Down Syndrome, had a recent post celebrating news stories about kids with Down Syndrome who have been elected Homecoming King & Queen at their schools. Following the links & wanting to read these inspirational stories, I was appalled by the response by people who assumed that it was some sort of political correctness thing or that they’d voted for these kids in order to make fun of them. For crying out loud, there was even a response to a post she’d made written by another DS mother.

This poster made the clueless, uninformed & unfortunate comment:

My wife was expecting a downs syndrome child, we did the smart thing and had a (unfortunately late) abortion.

They aren’t a blessing. They’re a hindrance on an otherwise functional family

People actually believe these things. They believe that the best thing you can do is eliminate a child with Down Syndrome. Because of some imagined “hindrance” or “burden”. Which is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. What do you do if your supposedly healthy child turns out to be born with a problem that wasn’t diagnosed in utero? What if that child becomes a drug addict as a teenager and you have to spend years worrying & fighting & trying to keep them alive? Who the blue blazes are YOU to determine what’s functional and what’s not? Say what you really mean. You don’t want to be inconvenienced by possibly having a child with some extra needs. You wouldn’t want to have to spend some more of your money to take care of him or her. And you certainly wouldn’t want to have to explain to people like yourself about your amazing child who’s a little different from the norm. Don’t sit there a claim a superior viewpoint when what you really are is selfish, plain & simple.

I pray, I really do, that people like this will somehow get smacked upside the head and realize the foolishness of their thinking. That they will meet someone for whom they now only have disdain & fear and that person will rock their world – completely rearranging their worldview for the better. These people are amazing – just ask anyone who knows someone with Down Syndrome.

On a completely unrelated note, I have to share this little thing I made because I am a crazy dork.