Happy birthday, Henry! Believe it or not, he’s nine today.

Very quiet. Very low key. It’s strange, because he totally doesn’t know, understand or care about his birthday. I got 2 reactions today when I would tell him it’s his birthday. Once when I said it, he said, “Yay! Birthday! Yay!” Later when I asked him if he wanted to open presents, he said, “Presents…yes.”

Other than that, there was very little reaction from him. But that’s okay. It’s kind of nice to have a kid who isn’t completely focused on what they’re getting for their birthday.

I got him a couple packs of animals by Animal Planet and a bunch of books. The books were all he cared about. He literally got loudly upset when he looked at the animals. He whined, cried and said, “Nooooo!! Boooooks!!!!” Guess I could have saved my money. Oh well. William played with them and then showed them to Henry who set them up and just looked at them.

Henry enjoyed looking at the birthday cake, the singing of the birthday song and blowing out the candle. Then he ran to his chair with his new books and ignored all of us. Absolutely no interest in the eating of the cake. But that’s okay – William was happy to take Henry’s piece.

So, anyway. Henry’s nine. I can’t believe it. It’s really kind of bittersweet. It’s lovely that he’s been with us 9 years and the joy and amazing stuff he’s brought into our lives. I’m so glad that God gave him to us and that we get to share our lives with him. I love watching him interacting with the world, learning things, experiencing things, growing, changing and becoming more and more Henry. The difficult part is realizing that he’s nine. Most of the time, I think I subconsciously just see him as 4 or 5. It’s kind of disconcerting and can be a little bit sad to see that he’s nowhere near his chronological age. Or that other kids his age (even those with Down Syndrome) are beyond him in development.

But, on the other hand, Henry is amazing just the way he is. I remind myself of what Steve tells me. Henry doesn’t know he’s behind. He doesn’t know that he’s missing out on things or that other kids his age can do things he can’t. For goodness’ sake, sometimes I think Henry doesn’t even acknowledge that other people exist. :hee: He is utterly self-focused and cannot see that others have interests, needs or desires that aren’t his. That conflict with his. He is not only the center of the universe, we are all extras in the movie of his life.

As I look back over the past 9 years, I remember this. I posted this back in 2009:

See, technically, Henry almost was never here. A few small changes and he wouldn’t be.

When I was newly pregnant with him – about 8-9 weeks along – I had some spotting. Which wasn’t unusual for my pregnancies, but since I’d had 2 miscarriages in the past, I was vigilant about it. I went in, had blood drawn and had a quick ultrasound. And was informed by the doctor that he couldn’t find anything. Nothing. No baby. Just an empty sac. Very often what happens in these cases was just that you go in and have a D&C to eliminate everything. In fact, my first pregnancy ended just that way.

This doctor, however, hesitated. He actually said that he wanted to wait a few days and see what happened and he’d probably schedule a D&C then. But he didn’t want to do it yet. So, I went back home to wait. And wait. And wait. 5 days later, I went back and had another blood test. Surprisingly, my HCg levels went UP. Which made the doctor go, “Hmmm.” So, another ultrasound. This time? They found him. There he was. Measuring right on schedule. I don’t know where he was hiding previously, but I do know that I thank God all the time for that doctor. My first OB would have aborted Henry without knowing that he was fine. I wonder if that’s actually what happened with my first pregnancy. But dwelling on it won’t change the past. All I know is that I’m very, very thankful that Henry’s doctor hesitated. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be here.

I forget about that a lot. I think God really, really wanted Henry to be here. Heck, WANTS Henry to be here. God must have quite a plan for him. I can’t wait to see what it entails. Even if it’s just to make sure that the world knows how amazing cows are, that’s enough. Don’t you think?