My Word For 2010

Have you heard of this? This idea of choosing a word to represent your year? This word is one you’ll focus on during the year, making decisions, growing, focusing and rearranging life around the fulfillment of this word. I first heard of this idea from the scrapbooking guru, Ali Edwards. This is her 4th year doing this (her words have been “peace”, “vitality”, “nurture” and, this year, “story”). You can read more about her insight here. Then I saw my friend, Angie, had done it and I thought maybe it would be something that might help get my 2010 off on the right foot.

I started thinking about it. The hardest part is coming up with one word. There are words to describe what I want to accomplish outside myself & there are words for what I want to accomplish inside myself as well. And they are definitely different words and different ideas. So I decided on this idea. I’m choosing 2 words. One for what I want to do on the outside and one on the inside.

One word is going to be “CALM”. Focusing on finding my calm rather than immediately resorting to PANIC and CHAOS. Here’s my thought process: if I can establish and nurture calm within myself, it will begin to seep out of me. Creating calm in the house, in the children, in our lives. Because I believe the adage is true – ‘as mom goes, so goes the family’. I would really like to develop this. Making calm my default rather than overreaction. I know this is going to take a lot of work. Those who know me personally are probably laughing really hard right now as they know that my instinct is far from calm, but we don’t grow if we don’t try, right?

My other word is going to be “HARMONIZE”. I love this one so much. It has so many implications. I want to create harmony in my home. Through getting things organized, scheduled & in order. Through working with the others who live here rather than butting heads. By creating more family time with games, family dinners & rockin’ out on the  Wii. I really want us to work in concert here. I think our lives will work better if we can get it together like a beautifully harmonizing vocal group.

So that’s it for my for 2010. CALM and HARMONIZE. I think what I’m actually going to do is make a couple of artsy designs with these words to frame & hang around the house as reminders. Cuz, I tell ya, if I can somehow master these 2 concepts – or at least just better incorporated them into my life – my life will change. My kids’ lives will change. Our home will be a happier, more pleasant place to be.

How about you? Got a word?