My son’s a narc

This is how I started my day today:


I’m in the shower. In marches my 4 yo, clutching the picture you see here in his hand. He comes in the shower, verbally accosting me with “MOMMY! You broke Daddy’s CAR!” I see the picture & explain that yes, I did, but that was a long time ago & Daddy’s car is fine now. (FYI – this happened in 2001 when I was pregnant with Steven. I rear-ended somebody. It was a bad accident. I am still very, very sorry)

Boy leaves. I think he’s done with it. Have I ever mentioned what an idiot I am sometimes? I get out of the shower & walk into my bedroom to see Boy snuggled up with Daddy, showing him the picture & telling him all about how Mommy broke his car. How the pieces are missing. How the glass is “bwoken”. Hubby, having been woken up with this information & without his glasses, begins to freak out. Then, he sees the picture & realizes what it is.

MY SON TOTALLY NARCED ON ME. I then spent the next 10 minutes going around in circles with Boy trying to explain that the car was “bwoken” a long time ago – before Boy was even born! – and we took it to the “fixing place” and it’s all better now. Boy, being naturally suspicious, doesn’t believe me. Finally, I tell him to go look in the driveway – Daddy’s car is fine. He does. He comes back, drops the picture, and just says, “Okay, then.”

Yeep. I better keep my nose clean here. This Boy will turn me over to authorities, I just know it.