My poor dog


Today was Nika’s annual vet visit. Poor thing. She’s so old and excited at the same time. I felt bad as we went in – you see, Nika is a very protective dog. She views it as her job to protect us from perceived threats, especially other dogs. And since I am, in her view, “with pup”, she is very protective of me. So when we went in and there was another dog there, she was very upset. But, being 15 years old, she’s not quite the dog she used to be.

The good part is that she is the. best. dog. in. the. world. She follows directions and every time she’d start to get agitated, I just had to snap my fingers or do the Cesar Milan “tssst” thing and she’d snap out of it and sit down.

UNfortunately, we spent waaaaay too much time in the office. Apparently, between the time the tech came in to give shots and take blood and the time the doctor came in, they FORGOT ABOUT US. We were stuck in that tiny, sweltering exam room for about an hour. Nika was SO GOOD, though. But still really tense. I just petted her and told her what a good girl she was. She’d do a lap around the room, smelling for intruders, and then come back in between my legs & sit down, as if to signal “you wanna get to her, you gonna hafta go through me“. Thank goodness the doctor finally came in and finished the exam. I was pretty sure Nika needed to go out and was trying not to do it inside.

When we left, however, we were greeted by a yellow Lab, a Mastiff, a Greyhound and an English bulldog waiting in the entrance area. Poor Nika was beside herself. She was shaking and whining – not wanting to engage with any of them, but needing to protect me. She kept whipping her head around, trying to watch all 4 of them at once as I checked out and got the estimate for the teeth cleaning she’s getting on Monday. She was trying SO HARD to be good while still doing her perceived job. Thankfully the other dogs were very well behaved and didn’t challenge her at all. Though the little bulldog sat there looking at Nika from around her master’s legs with this “Yeah?? You gotta problem???” stinkeye look. It was kinda funny because it was a rather small dog, but looked like a Little Rascal or something.

So…back to the vet on Monday. This poor dog’s mouth is a SWAMP. I don’t know how long it’s been since her teeth were cared for, but it’s just foul in there. I’m hoping there aren’t any teeth that need extraction, since it’s going to be over $300 just for the regular cleaning, but it’ll be more if they find damaged teeth. But it has to be done. It cannot be comfortable for her to have a mouth in that kind of shape. So, cleaned teeth, trimmed nails on Monday.

I’m so glad she’s such a good dog. I can’t imagine doing these routine jobs with a dog that you really have to worry about. And, dang. Could these little routine things wear me out just a little more?? One vet visit and I’m cashed. Looking forward to sleep.