My Eyes, They Burn.

Okie-doke. Update.

the-eye-of-sauron_3133429bSo we went to the SOOPERCRAZYBIGAWESOMEMEGAEYEPLACE after my last post. And my time estimation was off. WAAAY off. Here I thought each appointment would take an hour and we’d be back home by dinnertime. I am such a fool. The three of us had appointments at 1:30pm. We all went in at once with different doctors. When did we walk out of the building? FOUR FORTY-FIVE PM. I am so not kidding. We were trapped in this huge building for 3 hours of eye calisthenics and crazy bright lights. Seriously – when we were finished, my eyes were exhausted. We did all the “which one is in 3D” or “which line can you read” or “number one or number 2?” stuff first, which took for. ev. er. My eyes were exhausted after that, but then we still had to do all the checking the eye health stuff. Had to put one type of drops in and look for something. I don’t know what. Then some yellow drops that made me look like my liver was failing. Checking for something else then. Then the dilation drops and waiting for the eyes to respond. When they were ready, some crazy insane machine with lights & mirrors to look through the eye or at the back of the eye or something. First, the resident did all these tests & checks and then a doctor came in to check her work and make sure her findings were right. So, I had to do all this “looking in my eye” things twice. At least the doctor was quick about it. He did the last test (with the dilated eyes) again and the mirror-reflected light that shines into the eye is excruciatingly bright. Like, it HURT MY BRAIN it was so bright. I’m desperately trying to keep my eyes open while every biological instinct God gave me is saying CLOSE YOUR EYES, YOU INSANE WOMAN LOOKING DIRECTLY INTO THE SUN!!! The doctor says, “Sorry – I know it’s bright”. I couldn’t help but respond with, “Seriously!! It’s like looking directly into the eye of Sauron.” Which made the doctor laugh, at least. Because, it absolutely, 100% was EXACTLY LIKE THAT. Only add burning, too.

The good news was that my eye problems aren’t due to my prescription changing drastically or my eyes getting worse. Yes, my prescription changed a little and I’ll probably need bifocals in a year or so, but my main problem is that I get dry patches in my eyes and they’re having to work harder to stay lubricated enough for me to focus. I’m having to blink more and often have to just stop and close my eyes for a minute to let them rest. He gave me some eye drops to help with this, so we’ll see how that works. My eyes are STILL tired, though.

snowmanWe’ve had a ton of snow already, which makes me crazy. I really don’t care a whole lot for winter – driving in the snow especially is something I dislike. But the kids are happy, at least. Steven was excited to make a snowman by himself. Here was his result.

I love the sticks as spikes down his head & back. He borrowed some buttons for the eyes & nose and used paperclips for the mouth. Which set things up perfectly for the next day when he & Maggie went out and played together. He came back in and said, “My snowman lost an eye, so I killed him & buried his nose.” Whaaaaaaaat??

Saturday was a big day for Maggie. Since she was very small – 6, I think – she’s wanted her ears pierced. However, Daddy and I decided that it wasn’t going to happen then. For me, it was because I didn’t want to deal with the cleaning and examining and infections. When I got mine pierced at about 10, I didn’t do a very good job with all that. For some genius reason, I decided to take my starter posts out early and when I tried to put them back in, I couldn’t. They wouldn’t go in and my attempts to get them in just made my ears start bleeding and bleeding. My dad had to come in and put them in for me which was quite traumatic for both of us. Plus, I discovered that I had an allergy to nickel, so my ears would keep getting infected and red and horrible. We figured that the longer we could put it off, the better. So, we pulled out the random, “not until you’re 12” decision. Forgetting that she’d eventually be 12.


earrings2bWell, that age finally came. She turns 12 on Christmas Eve and asked if we could go get it done before school lets out for break. We made a plan to go do it on Saturday. She was so excited and so nervous at the same time. It’s hard, knowing that something’s going to hurt, but really wanting to do it anyway. We went to Claire’s (is there anyplace else to get this done??) and she chose her starters. Adorable crystal daisies with blue center stones. Much cooler than the basic gold or silver balls that you could “choose” from in my day. She sat in the chair, gripped her coat and took it like a woman.

She was SO HAPPY. So cool to talk to her about afterwards and hear how she feels different now – irrevocably altered, but more grown-up and no longer the lone girl in the class without pierced ears. Then, on the way home, she uttered the phrase that any mom of a pre-teen, tween or teen girl would take a hostage to hear:

“I love spending time with you, Mom.”

Wow. I win everything. I love spending time with you, too, baby.