My Boy’s Going to State!

20150503_102953Believe it or not, this little man is going to the Special Olympics State Games next week! It’s honestly not something I thought we’d ever do – I saw the Special Olympics as just like the Olympics – powerlifting, swimming, gymnastics, javelin, relay races, etcetera. I didn’t think that my little guy throwing a tennis ball would really qualify him to join these wonderful athletes. I guess I really didn’t understand how SO really works. But because he got a gold medal in his division for tennis ball throw, he qualified! I wasn’t sure if we would go, but Steve thought we definitely should, so we’re going.

I’m so interested to see how this happens. Everybody’s telling me it’s just amazing to watch – from the Opening Ceremonies on – so I am excited to see it.

It’s going to be so interesting to watch Henry during this. He honestly doesn’t care about the competition, the ceremony, even the actual throwing of the ball. In fact, at regionals, he was more interested in flirting with the teenage girls helping at the line. He would hold the girls’ hands and try to get them to dance. When it was time to throw, he’d throw without any care at all, then turn back to the girls. Oh, wait, I have a video.

Watch this! It’s hard to see at first, as I had to video through 2 chainlink fences, but then I finally got around it. Henry is wearing a blue shirt and yellow shorts. He throws the ball, then immediately turns and grabs their hands. It’s kind of funny.

I’m actually really excited. I know Henry doesn’t really care, but it’s going to be amazing to see all these wonderful athletes who are so incredibly happy to be there. Seeing the opening ceremonies at regionals was amazing. As all the athletes marched around the field, they were just so excited. I couldn’t stop myself for cheering for every single one of them. It was utterly thrilling to watch. Amazing.

So….it oughta be a great time. Just hope Henry throws that darn ball!