Mother’s Day, Yet Again

I’m sitting up here, late, waiting for my husband to get back from prom. Isn’t that a silly sentence? Not only is my husband at prom, he went stag and won’t be back till 2am or so.

He’s chaperoning. Which oughta be a major pain. I can’t imagine having to chaperone today’s youth as they bump & grind and “back that thang up”. Yuck.

I got to go out with my mom today. I had to bring all the kids, but at least I got to hang out with mom, which is always a treat. We went to this amazing local consignment store where my mom just became a consignor. They have over 2500 consignors and their stock is AMAZING. They have really strict standards for what they take, so you know you’re getting super stuff when you buy. Plus, the ladies are AMAZING – so friendly and fun. They make you feel part of the family, which is cool.

After that, I popped in to get 2 skeins of yarn at JoAnn’s and then took Maggie & Steven into Kohl’s to pick up some shirts for Steven & some for Maggie. Unfortunately, they don’t carry the juniors plus there in the store, but you can order at an online kiosk there in the store and get free shipping. I showed it to Maggie and let Steven try on some pants. We went back to the kiosk and an associate stopped to see if we needed any help & then gave me a 15% off coupon. We couldn’t get the coupon to scan, though. It wanted to take it as Kohl’s cash instead of a promo code and wouldn’t let us use it. Another associate came over and now there were 2 people trying to help us place our order. Finally, the 2nd associate went in back and got a list of a bunch of promo codes and started entering them until one was accepted. And this is where I got my joyful on. The coupon code that finally worked there at their online kiosk? “KIOSKFUN”. Now that, there, my friends, is some awesome irony. After fighting with this machine for 20 minutes, we finally got our way with “KIOSKFUN”. Hys. Ter. I. Cal.

Back home and I’ve spent all evening processing pictures I took of the kids’ Laps for Learning event on Friday. They raise funds for the school by getting donations and then spending 45 minutes running/walking as many laps as they can. It could be an awesome fun time if there wasn’t so much pressure to RUN. Some of the kids simply can’t run – they have asthma – or can only run for short periods – like my daughter. They’re made to feel somewhat “less than” if they choose to walk instead of running, which I think is uncool. Everybody’s there, giving an effort and some are simply better at running than others. We should be encouraging them for simply doing it in whatever fashion they’re able. So I tried to just encourage them for every lap they were able to do. Because it’s called “LAPS for Learning”. Not “RUN for Learning”.

While I’m working, I’m watching this Netflix streaming movie called “Young @ Heart”. This is awesome. It’s about a senior citizen choir that does rock songs. It’s totally cool. These choir members are amazing. They love it so much and they’re adorable as they rock out to Sonic Youth, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Sex Pistols and more. Another highly recommended video for all y’all. Oh, plus, you know what?!? They’ve got Passionada on Instant Watch now, so I can watch Jason Isaacs eat Portuguese food over and over and over and over and over…….

:hee: I’m sick & twisted. I know. Tomorrow I get to spend the day going to the movies. It should be wonderful. I hope you have a fantastic Mother’s Day wherever you are, whatever you do.