More Random Randomness

Dear Nika (our dog):
If you do not stop pulling poopy diapers out of the garbage can and EATING THEM, I will release you to the wild. You are disgusting. Thank you.

One of the traits of people with Asperger’s can be the ability to memorize large portions of things they watch. This is a trait Steven has in spades. Especially if it’s something he likes. He is now quite fond of Jim Gaffigan after hearing Hot Pockets. He has many of Jim’s bits memorized now. Especially the bit about bacon. Because Steven loves bacon. Every time we have bacon now, he says, “I want more!! More bacon!!”. My favorite now is how he’s incorporated the jokes into his video gaming. As he plays any game – Super Mario Bros, Kirby, Sonic – and he fights the bad guys, he now shouts, “Take that, Lipitor! I’m BACON!!” It’s hysterical, adorable and just a little creepy.

Today was Henry’s last day of school. They had 2 awards ceremony – 1 for the 1st & 2nd graders & a second for the 3rd-5th & the Life Skills class. We went to the later one and was absolutely shocked that it took an hour & a half. Three classes of 3rd graders & 2 each of 4th & 5th plus Henry’s class. It wouldn’t have taken so long, except the principal gave out the awards like this:

“Now for the math awards. For excellence in math in 3rd grade in Mr. Jones’ class: Matthew Smith!” clapclapclapclap “Also for excellence in math in 3rd grade from Mr. Jones’ class: Kathy Doe!” clapclapclapclap “From Ms. Liston’s 3rd grade class for excellence in math: Jim Brown!” clapclapclapclap

And on. And on. And on. And on. We thought we were going to die. After about an hour, Henry quit. He got up and left the room. Followed by his aide, Ms. Kim. They went to the motor room, never to return. Amusingly, about 10 minutes later, my patience ran out, too. However, I couldn’t just up & leave. Instead I spent almost a half hour feeling like I was going to claw my way out of my skin. If he had just done it like this, “Here are our students who received recognition for excellence in math” and then read a list of names. Applause at the end. We would have been out of there in about 40 minutes. Oh well. That’s okay.

I have been exercising, which is kicking my butt. I TiVoed a couple shows from FitTV – Total Body Sculpt with Gilead and Namaste Yoga. Yesterday, I did Total Body Sculpt and, other than the abs, I could do everything. I did what abs I could, but I couldn’t do them all. However, today, my legs hurt so much, I’m walking bow-legged. Today I tried to do the Namaste Yoga, thinking it was less harsh than Total Body Sculpt. It was, but I had to stop because my feet started cramping up so badly I couldn’t stand anymore. I have no idea what that was all about, but my insteps hurt SO BAD. I liked the yoga, though, so I hope my feet will let me do more. I’m going to record a pilates workout, a different yoga workout and Bollywood dance to see if any of those are doable for me.