Mo Updates

Okay – I left off last Wednesday with our hijinks & hilarity at New Moon (or, as I prefer to call it, Twilight 2: The Wolfening). I stand by my thoughts and still cannot figure out really why this series is so popular and speaks to loudly to the people who are obsessed with it. I think Edward is thisclose to being an abusive boyfriend, Bella is a codependent, whiny, self-absorbed idiot and their relationship should be in the DSM V under “your teenager needs an intervention”. It says a whole heck of a lot about our society and the women in it that this series has fursploded like this and Stephenie Meyer is now a squillionaire. If this is the pinnacle of TWU WUV, I quit life.

Anyway. Thursday was Thanksgiving or, as I call it, Stretchy Pants Day. (Well, technically, everyday with me is stretchy pants day, but that’s not important now.) We decided to have a quiet day with just my parents, us & the kids and my grandma & aunt. In the past, Steve has put together this amazing, overwhelming and utterly delicious Thanksgiving meal (last year’s recipes provided by The Pioneer Woman), but this year my mom decided to get the meal from Peapod and just asked Steve to make his sweet potatoes and stuffing dishes that we all love. They turned out deliciously and I could have eaten nothing but the stuffing and sweet potatoes. And, since Thanksgiving is just an excuse to eat stuffing, potatoes & pie, that’s okay.

That night, I accomplished my biggest chore – ordered all the Christmas presents for our kids the the other kids we have to buy for. So, other than for Steve and any little things I’d like to get for my parents (I usually make bread for my dad every year and I’ll come up with something nice to make for my mom & grandma), I’m DONE. I can’t believe it. I’ve never done all the shopping in one fell swoop like that. Now, of course, Maggie & Steven have been home sick all week so I have to quickly hide every delivery that comes, so that’s annoying. Steven is one of those kids who HAS TO KNOW WHAT’S IN EVERY BOX THAT ARRIVES, OMG. I’m trying to get the boxes upstairs before he even sees their arrival, but I can’t always do that.

So, yeah. Steven and Maggie are sick. Maggie turned up with bronchitis on Saturday. She was miserable all weekend and then Monday morning, Steven started showing the same symptoms. I made an appointment for him and, lucky I did because that afternoon, William got a fever of 100. Took both of them to the doctor and it seemed to be viral only. Not flu, though. Thousands of milligrams of vitamin C later, William’s fever broke (I took the vitamin C, I didn’t give it to him directly). Unfortunately, Steven has only gotten worse. I called the doctor back this afternoon and she called in Amoxicillin for him. I hope that helps. He’s completely congested and coughing, plus his voice is gone so he sounds like one of the Munchkins after smoking 3 packs a day for 20 years. It would be very funny if he wasn’t so miserable.

Now if William would just get past this stage where he can’t poop and has too much gas. Today he didn’t sleep for more than 20 minutes at a stretch and when he’s awake he’s screaming. I hate it when he screams. I hate feeling incapable of calming him. I hate that I can’t figure out what’s bothering him. I hate.