Mo’ Chapeau

Now that I’m finished with getting the blog up & running again, I’m getting back on top of other things. Doing more crochet. Listing things on etsy. I’ve got scrapping to catch up on. And, of course, making sure the kids get their requisite twice-monthly doctor visit. Sheesh.

I had to take William back yesterday because his horrid, violent cough returned. He’s just been coughing & coughing & coughing about every two minutes until he starts hacking. Looks utterly painful. The doctor said his lungs sounded “squeaky” and “rattley” and his pulse oxygen was only 93%. We did 2 nebulizer treatments until his lungs sounded clearer & his numbers got up to 96%. She sent us home with 2 inhalers, predizone & singulair. Looks  like the little man might have asthma. Awesometastic.

Spring Break is half over and we haven’t done anything cool yet. I don’t know if we will, but the 2 oldest kids sure are pushing for it. It’s just so difficult to find something to do that costs little or no money and that would be interesting to all 4 kids. And that won’t kill me stone dead.

I did get more pictures of crochet stuff for etsy and listed a couple.

Spring Crochet Earflap Hat in Blue & Lime $15

Spring Floral Crochet Beanie with Floral/Butterfly Accents $10

Spring Crochet Pom Hat with Floral & Buttons $10

Crochet Funky Jester Pom Hat in Blues $15

Super Long Tie Crochet Pom Striped Elf Hat $18

I’ve got more, but they aren’t listed yet.

Okay – off to do some mindless game play. My back hurts. :sob: