Migraines are evil.

Yeah. That. My head hurts. I woke up with a headache that slowly wrapped its gnarly tentacles around the base of my skull & up into my brain as the day progressed. I’m peeved & it’s too bright in here.

I’ve also got a broken “N” on my laptop. Henry threw a book at my computer 2 nights ago & the bloody thing caught my keyboard, breaking off the “N” key. I actually bought a replacement keyboard (for parts) off eBay for $2, got it today & tried to replace the key. Except that it won’t snap all the way back on. I farted around with it for over an hour before I gave up. Those stupid things are IMPOSSIBLE to get back on. At least they are on this computer. I’ve never had this problem before. Why does it have to be a letter I use a lot?? Why couldn’t it be “z” or something?

Let’s see – even in the midst of my lovely headache, I made chocolate chip cookies for Steven to take for snack tomorrow. His last kindergarten snack ever. He came home today with his little graduation cap & gown. I’m going to DIE next Thursday night. When he graduates & I have to sing Amy Grant’s “Children of the World” without crying. That’ll happen.

I did 2 LOs today, so yay for me. I really wanted to use my new wedding kit, so I did 2 different portrait LOs.



Click on the 2nd one if you want to read the journaling. Okay – that’s it. I’m gonna go to bed early tonight. And sleep like a big sleeping thing, dreaming of a world void of the letter “n”.