Makin’ Cookies

Yesterday, I decided to get moving on the baking I need to do for Christmas. Because of my knee, I’m way behind on everything. I was going to do all this great baking – gingerbread & cut-out Christmas cookies, loaves of bread, cinnamon muffins, a chocolate torte and some other miscellaneous things. Of course, I hadn’t even begun. So, yesterday afternoon, I went into hyperdrive & got about 1/3 of it done. I whipped up the gingerbread dough & threw it in the fridge. Then I whipped up the sugar cookie dough & threw that in the fridge. Then I tossed dinner in the oven to cook while I mixed up some bread batter. Those baked while we ate dinner. After dinner, I pulled out the gingerbread dough & we floured everything up & went to town. The kids totally loved it – Steven’s favorite part is rolling out the dough. Maggie’s favorite part is decorating, of course. She was quite disappointed that there weren’t enough good sprinkles & candies to make proper gingerbread men, but she dealt. Steven insisted on pulling out every cookie cutter we own (about 30) and using them all. So we made a bunch of gingerbread (nice and soft….mmmmmm) and then moved on to the sugar cookies. By then, the kids were starting to tire & get bored, so I tried to whip them out really quick. Steven used up all the decorations on the gingerbread – looked like Hansel & Gretl exploded all over the counter. Maggie’s favorite part was sneakily rubbing her hands in the flour, coating them well, then going in the other room & clapping them together as hard as she could to make “smoke”. Needless to say, upon finishing, the kitchen was an EPIC mess. Flour covering every surface, from ceiling fan to floor, sprinkles & sugar all over and paste beginning to form in front of the sink where the flour met with water. The clean-up was deadly. But….there are cookies now.

My cellulitis is better, but not gone. My medicine runs out tomorrow, so I think I’m going to go back to the doctor tomorrow to see what they have to say. Most of the swelling is gone, but there’s this one pocket of ouch that’s still there. A hard lump that won’t go away. Makes me afraid that as soon as the meds run out, it’ll flare back up. I hate it. I’m tired of it hurting, I’m tired of not being able to kneel and I’m tired of gastrointestinal distress. Oh. And Maggie’s 8 in 2 days. Stop the world…I wanna get off.