Lots On My Mind

Of course. There’s always so much random mayhem running through my skull – it’s amazing I don’t simply burst into flame.

Let’s see. First there’s my dad. He had his surgery on Thursday. We are so incredibly lucky that we weren’t in a crisis situation – panicked and trying to find a donor organ before his kidneys completely gave out. He wasn’t even on dialysis yet. A donor, who chooses to remain anonymous, was found a while ago and it was just a matter of waiting until the doctors said it was time to go. I called my mom on Thursday at about 11am just to leave a message, but she answered and the surgery was already over! My mom said she was told that everything went perfectly and he was doing really well, as was his donor. I couldn’t believe it happened so fast! For some reason, I thought it would be, like, an 8 hour surgery. Apparently, it was only 2.5 hours. Which is awesome. I also learned that they didn’t replace his kidney with the donor organ, like I thought. Instead, they spliced the new one in and tucked it up under his ribs, not in the abdominal cavity. I thought there’d be one taken completely out, but I guess not! How cool is that?

That night, I called to check up again, and my brother, Andrew, hooked me up with Skype and was able to actually see and chat with dad – how cool is that? He looked WONDERFUL. I could not believe it. He didn’t even look ill, much less like he’d had a major surgical procedure. Plus, his face had pinked up more than I’d seen on him in a long time. By last night, he had been walking around and sitting in a chair and everything. I could hear him talking as I was talking to my mom and he sounded great. I’m just so thankful. So very, very thankful. I cannot possibly thank his donor enough. You have given us our dad back and there simply are not enough words to thank you.

So that’s the most important thing. Last weekend, Maggie & I enjoyed the Golden Globes together. We’re major Gleeks, so we were rooting for all the Glee nominees. I always get such a big kick out of this show – it’s all whiskey-soaked and foolish – the stars are more low-key and it’s more hysterical than any other awards show. Plus, RICKY GERVAIS, y’all. I love, love, love him. His sense of humor isn’t for everyone, but he constantly makes me laugh so very hard. My only disappointment with him was that they didn’t use him enough. When he was on, he was great. I wanted more, though. Much more calling Hollywood out on how silly, self-absorbed and ridiculous they are. When he did the whole, “Don’t get me wrong, I love a drink just as much as the next man. Unless the next man is…Mel Gibson.” I DIED. That was simply perfect. I’ve been listening to his podcasts/audiobooks, too, and they are slaying me. I was listening to one when I was running through the grocery store (my new favorite thing to do, iPod listening while shopping) and several times I had to stop dead in the aisle because I was laughing so hard I had to bend over. Definitely the best part is Karl Pilkington – his comments are so random and crazy and hysterical. But, I digress.

The Globes were ridiculous. First, there’s Julia Roberts who was the biggest attention whore I’ve seen in a long time. Sitting with Paul McCartney, making everything all about her. She said something about she’d never gotten so many texts EVAH than sitting next to Sir Paul. Flipping her stupid hair all around and looking like she made a pit stop on the way to a working brunch at the 4 Seasons. Felicity Huffman couldn’t even read the teleprompter. She had to be totally drunk. She started & stopped like 5 times. I think Meryl was a little tipsy, too. Her acceptance speech just rambled and was so random – but she was still totally charming and adorable. What, pray tell, was nesting on Brad Pitt’s chin?? That is the single most ridiculous bit of facial hair I’ve ever seen. Shave, dude.

Speaking of adorable, I am totally in love with Craig Ferguson right now. Truthfully, I’d never seen his show – mostly because WHO CAN STAY UP THAT LATE?? But with all this late night brouhaha, I found myself watching a lot of clips of different hosts’ monologues about it and I saw a couple of his. How have I never seen this before?? I LOVE him! That Scottish brogue, that sense of humor, his totally silly attitude. I love his opening when it’s just him right there in the camera. He’s totally adorable, y’all! He’s completely added to my Tivo, cuz I needs all the laughter I can get.

Crud. It’s almost 11pm. I gotta get to sleep. I have more to talk about, so I’ll do my best to pop back in tomorrow and share it. I’ll just leave you with this. I was driving through town the other morning and saw a guy walking down the road, looking almost exactly like Mark Lowry if he was a dirty, possibly drunk hobo. Which made me think of what I will name a band if I ever have one.

Odd Dopplegänger

It’s even got an umlaut, y’all. It’s doesn’t get any better than that.