Look! At what I did today!

I saw a notice over at DST that Jen Wilson has new stuff. And, I love her, so I checked it out. The whole “Project 365” thing is a big deal in the photography and scrapping communities now, so many designers are making products to make this project easier for scrappers. Jen has made what she calls “Project 52” which is her line of stuff to help Project 365ers do their pages. She’s got really cool monthly and weekly templates that I thought were great. So I bought the weekly ones for January & February and thought I could use them to chronicle this pregnancy! Which – yay. I really wanted to do that, but I wasn’t sure the best way to go about it. So now I’ve got great templates to chronicle 7 things each week about the pregnancy & what’s going on in our lives. I did 2 layouts already!

Week 9


My first one is week 9, which was the first 5 days of January. Journaling says, “Thursday: Happy new Year 2009! I wasn’t able to stay up until 12 because I’m so tired!  Friday: So far, all I’m really craving is Roman Tuna Salad from Whole Foods. Unfortunately, I can’t get it because there isn’t one here!  Saturday: My nausea is killing me. I’m constantly queasy & nothing’s helping.  Sunday: Here’s our first picture of you! You were a 9 week size instead of 8 & seemed to be doing well!”

Week 10:


This one is week 10, which was January 5-11.  Journaling says, “5. Back to school amidst lots of snow. 6. First appointment with new OB! 7. I want Jamba Juice every single day. 8. Started my baby registry – is it too soon? 9. My favorite place – snuggled in all these pillows, fast asleep. 10. Bought my first baby clothes. No, I don’t know if it’s a girl! 11. Kate Winslet wins 2 Golden Globes and I cry like a little girl. Could it be the hormones?”

I really like this. It’s much easier because I can just Google images for what I think of that I want to remember. Like food cravings or other pictures to represent what’s going on (like the ginger tea pack for my nausea).