Light Bulb!!

My last post gave me an idea and I want to share it. I think this would be a cool idea for one of those “Right Now” moments – if you’re a scrapbooker or an artist or whatever. What a neat moment in time! Here, I did it:

Do it! Right now! Tonight! First thing in the morning! Your whole bookcase or just a shelf. Take a snapshot in time of what, literarily, is important to you right now. Maybe throw it in your journal with a quick jot about maybe why you chose some of these books. Or where you heard about them. If you’ve read them, what you thought. If you haven’t, are they on your “to-do” list? I think it really gives a look into where you are, where you’ve been. What you dream about. What you wish to change.

Do it! And, if you do, please, please, PLEASE leave a comment & link me to your picture, your blog post, your scrapbook layout.