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凤凰彩票登陆 is an inclusive community. We seek to provide equal opportunities for all, including individuals with disabilities.

Our varied services not only accommodate individuals with disabilities, but also recognize their potential to excel in both 教育 and career opportunities at 凤凰彩票官网. The 大学 supports these services by committing to the 访问ibility of the campus environment, 设施, 和数字的存在, 包括它的网站, 在线交流, 和技术. If you have a related question or concern, please submit it using the “报告一个问题” button below.

Disability 服务 and Resources

ASL Interpreting 服务/CART

This Answers page provides guidance on how and when to seek ASL Interpreting 服务 and/or CART.

Beyond Compliance Coordinating Committee

A nationally prominent advocacy group at 凤凰彩票登陆 that focuses on creating and supporting a fully inclusive climate in all 大学 settings.

Center for Disability Resources

CDR engages the 大学 community to empower students, 加强股权, and provide a platform for innovation and inclusion.

Disability Cultural Center

Coordinates campus-wide social, 教育, and cultural activities on disability issues for students, 教师, 工作人员, and community members with and without disabilities.

Office of Equal Opportunity, 包容, and Resolution 服务

The Office of Equal Opportunity, 包容 & Resolution 服务 works with students, 教师, 和工作人员, to foster a climate of inclusion, 访问, 和机会. This office is responsible for making sure that the 大学 complies with all state and federal laws pertaining to accommodations, 访问, 性 & relationship violence, discrimination and harassment among other things. 工作人员 and 教师 may request reasonable accommodations for a disability through this office.

Information and Communication 技术的可访问性 Policy

This policy covers all content 和技术, 包括网站, web-based and mobile applications, 电子邮件, webconferencing, 视频会议, 流媒体视频, 教学材料, 电子文档, blended and online courses, and all academic and administrative software applications acquired or adopted after the effective date of this policy. 


The libraries provide a range of services for individuals who may require assistance or specific tools in order to 访问 and use those resources and services.

Planning Inclusive Events

The resource provides guidance and resources for planning inclusive events.

Procurement of Accessible ICT Products

This Answers page provides guidance on procuring ICT Products and 服务 as required by SU’s Information and Communication 技术的可访问性 Policy

凤凰彩票登陆 Parent Advocacy Center (SUPAC)

SUPAC promotes meaningful parent involvement in the inclusive education of their children with disabilities. SUPAC works to involve and empower parents by informing them as well as their children of their rights within the 教育 system.


This page provides guidance on finding, creating, and acquiring 访问ibility technology.

Accommodations for Faculty and 工作人员