Let’s update, shall we?

When we last spoke, I was planning for my 2nd ultrasound, since I’m SO VERY OLD. It’s so funny, with #2 & #3, I felt lucky to have ONE ultrasound. Sounds like I’m going to be having quite a few with this one.

Having never had a Level 2 u/s before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. For some reason, I thought it was going to be better quality, more detailed, able to see more, etc. Nope. It was the same kind of globby photo as u/s #1. They did more measuring, so they could see if there was anything that looked unusual there. Thankfully, everything looked good. All limbs are there, heartbeat was about 150, they saw nothing that caused concern, so, YAY. Baby was measuring a little bigger than we thought again, at about 7.14cm (2.8 inches), so they moved my due date up again. August 4th now. Still too soon to tell boy or girl. I’m having another one at 20 weeks, so hopefully we can tell then. Baby was all jumping around and wiggly, moving its hand to its mouth and everything. Too cute.


In this one, you can see baby’s hand up to its mouth.



Look at that little NOSE and the chubby little tummy! I love it. So cute.

So that went well. The doctor asked about testing and I said that we didn’t want to do anything invasive that might risk the baby to determine problems since we wouldn’t do anything anyway. Since there was nothing in the u/s that raised any red flags, he was very understanding. Said, “we support that” and said we wouldn’t do anything until the next u/s. We’ll measure everything very carefully then and see what presents itself. So, yay.

Then on Thursday, I took Henry to the behavioral psychologist that was recommended. Just the first appointment, but she gave some guidance. Just saying, “NO THROW” or “NO HIT” while holding his hands and looking right at him. Then, when he obeys, saying, “Good boy!!” Giving praise. We’ll see how it works. We go back next week. A little bit of guidance is good. Dude totally needs to stop kicking me in the belly, though, like NOW.

Friday, we observed a different class for Henry. He and I went over there and saw it. It’s an all day class rather than just 2.5 hours which might be better for him. Giving him the time to get the sensory input he needs, but still have time for cognitive work. The only down side is that he is definitely the highest functioning kid in the room. Only 2 other kids even walk (and not well) and no one is verbal at all. I’m not terribly concerned for him, as they have lots of time to work on their own, at their own level in addition to the all-class-together stuff. My big concern is for the other kids. Unless he has a one-on-one person who’s right there on top of him, he’s going to end up seriously hurting one of these kids. There was one little boy who seems to possibly be missing part of his frontal lobe (just guessing from the look of his head), so he’s not able to defend himself at all. When we got there, they were having some massage time – rubbing lotion into the kids arms and legs  – so they’re all lying on the floor. Within the first ten minutes, Henry had stepped on this kid’s FACE. With no response from the kid at all because he couldn’t respond. Add up Henry’s propensity for throwing whatever he can get his hands on, being too physical and up in people’s faces and hitting, he’s got the ability to really injure another kid. But, with a one-on-one aide, that could be avoided. Plus, he really needs one to keep him on task and show him how to do stuff. I think with that one stipulation, this new class would be good for Henry. They have music, art and gym specials for the class as well as doing yoga with the OT once a week and they even go swimming once a month. And, since they have 30-45 minutes for lunchtime (in addition to snack time) they’re able to do much more with feeding issues.

All this decision-making is so exhausting. But I’ll talk to Henry’s teacher on Monday and we’ll set up a meeting to decide what’s best. It’s so hard to know for sure. All I can do is trust and make the decision that feels right. I just want so much for Henry. He’s not stupid. There’s a lot going on in his head – you can see it. But we’ve GOT to get past these sensory problems so he can develop what’s there.