Just… ew

download (2)So yesterday I started noticing this ache in the top of my calf – about 2″ below & to the right of my knee. It was nothing at first – just a little muscle ache, I thought. As the day progressed, it started getting more & more troublesome. And I noticed it had started swelling up a bit. I thought maybe I had been sitting funny & maybe put some stress on the joint or something. So I moved into the bedroom, sitting on the bed with my laptop and an ice pack on the spot. Took it off after about 20 minutes & now it was red & there were 2 spots that were tender. I stayed on my computer until 10:00 when I had to go to the bathroom. When I got up, the pain was EXCRUCIATING. I couldn’t put weight on the foot & every bend of the knee was a special slice of hell. I have this weird thing I do when I’m in a lot of pain. All of sudden, I start have uncontrollable shakes complete with teeth chattering. It’s only happened like 3 times – twice when I had my miscarriages (the 2nd time it started when the nurse missed my vein for the IV and hit a NERVE.) and once when Maggie was born. It happened again last night. All of a sudden, I’m shivering, chattering and trying to stay on my feet as I put the computer away and tried to burrow under the covers & go to sleep. Pain. Bad. This morning I woke up & shared it all with Steve who insisted I go to the doctor. I tried to argue with him – I simply don’t have time & don’t want to drag the boys to the Convenient Care when I’m hurting. However, he was so adamant that I packed us up & heading over there at 8:45. I’m there thinking I’d done some soft tissue damage or something. However, when the doctor came in and looked at it, the concern in her face was a bit scary. She palpates it, I cringe & suck in my breath. Turns out, I have cellulitis. Which, as I now understand, is very serious. And quite grody. We’re talking flesh-eating bacteria grody. The doctor was quite concerned with getting me on anitbiotic IMMEDIATELY and I have to go back tomorrow afternoon to make sure it hasn’t spread. I now have cute little purple marker shapes drawn on my legs to mark the margins. And I feel bad, y’all. I can feel the infection spreading through me – sore throat, achy everything. And my leg huuuuuurts.

Oh and let me just add this. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER Google the term “cellulitis” and go to “images”. Because you will have to bleach your eyes and set fire to your brain. My GOD.

And I have another update to the Lexus Lady story. We made amends this afternoon. She paused to let me back out & I waved “Thank you”. Then we rolled our windows down & apologized to each other. We both agreed we behaved stupidly and were very sorry for it all. I’m glad that’s done. I’ve been feeling like crap about it for 2 days now. And, apparently, now my family thinks I have untreated rage issues that I need to work out. ::sigh:: Please trust me when I say that I would never, could never act out anything that goes through my head when I’m mad. I use this forum as a place to vent out when I’m peeved about something – and usually I really, really embellish & exaggerate in an attempt to be funny. Which obviously backfired. I’m going to delete that last post so there’s no record of my stupidity. K? Happy Wednesday.