I’ve been SO good.

I have been working SO HARD this week. Too much to do, not enough time, not enough lung capacity, not nearly enough naps. But, I’ve been a good, responsible mom and completed all my responsibilities – no matter how much I want to roll into a ball like a roly poly bug and slide under the couch.

“Of what do you speak, Christy??” you might ask, wonderingly. Oh. Oh, let me share. Take my hand and walk through my Thursday with me, won’t you?

1. 6:45am – wake up

2. Shower, get dressed, dry hair, apply makeup, get Henry up and dressed.

3. Make breakfasts and lunches.

4. Load everybody in the car and drop off Steven & Maggie at school.

5. Go to grocery store to get what I need to make cupcakes for the kids’ Valentine’s parties on Friday (plus a few other things).

6. Take Henry to school, climb in the back of the van to retrieve the shoes and socks he removed and threw between the store and the school.

7. Help teacher swaddle Henry, put him in the swing and load him up with weighted things for his first swing of the day.

8. Leave and go BACK to the store to get the mini-cupcake cups I forgot the first time.

9. Get home, put 2 loaves of French bread I made yesterday into the oven to bake.

10. While they bake, make 5 dozen mini cupcakes from scratch.


11. Load them into the little paper cups and, when the French bread timer dings, put cupcakes in oven.

12. Run over to computer and finish preparing treat bag toppers for the kids’ Valentine’s treat bags. Start printing.

13. When cupcake timer dings, take out first batch & put in 2nd.

14. Continue with treat bag printing.

15. 2nd cupcake timer dings – take them out, put coat on, grab purse & go get Henry.

16. Drive to Henry’s behavioral therapy appointment and follow Henry as he walks up and the down the hall, waiting for her to arrive.

17. Play with Henry in therapy until he suddenly stops playing and demands “buh-buh-buh-buh-NUHS!!” (bananas) now.

18. Load up and drive home. Eat lunch and try to get Henry to eat – he’s more interested in Blue’s Clues now.


20. Go get Maggie & Steven.

21. Upon returning home, begin making Sticky Chocolate Icing for previously mentioned cupcakes.

22. Immediately ice 5 dozen cupcakes.


23. Load dishwasher – run.

24. Start dinner – put meatloaf together, form, pan it and put in oven.

25. Take printed out treat bag toppers and begin cutting them out.

26. After 15 minutes, begin chopping potatoes and preparing roasted potatoes with garlic & rosemary. Put in oven.

27. Finish cutting out treat bag toppers.

28. Call Steven upstairs and set him up to put his treat bags together. His treat bag thingies didn’t work out, so it’s brown paper lunch bags and a sharpie marker for him.

29. Clean up kitchen while dinner finishes.

30. Eat dinner. For some reason, it was SO GOOD.

31. Set Maggie up with her toppers, plastic bags, stapler & candy and let her have at it.

32. Help her when she can’t get the stapler to work.


33. Feed Henry.

34. Pack up all 5 dozen cupcakes in 2 separate containers for the separate classes. Get the treat bags ready for transport.

35. Take computer upstairs where Steve has been asleep all day (he’s sick), arrange bedclothes and pillows and sit down for the first time today, ready to watch “My Name is Earl”.

36. Anticipate “The Office”, which is the one show I never want to miss.

37. Have Steven and Henry both come upstairs demanding things just as “The Office” comes on. Take Henry back downstairs to eat again.

38. See the end of “The Office”. Get kids moving for bed.

39. Finally get all 3 in bed and watch the rest of “30Rock” as I get ready for bed.

40. Clock strikes 9:10pm, lights and TV off and I’m ASLEEP.

Wow. That was a lot of things. For me, at least. I slept like a big, hairy, stinky dead thing. And still, when 7am came around this morning, I was nearly unable to get up. Yeek.

And, because of all this extra stuff I’m doing, I’m way behind on housecleaning. Our dog (or the dog we’re caring for that belongs to my BIL) is losing her winter coat already (she’s a Malamute/Keeshond) and EVERYTHING is coated in white dog hair. The carpet, the couch, our clothes, our sinuses. The basement couch, which is a microfiber-type fabric, is disgusting. So, because I’m the only one here who has the ability to care for this dog </ sarcasm>, I have to brush her and brush her and vacuum up the hair. I’ve already given her 2 good brushings and have now collected enough fur to spin into yarn and knit our family some lovely sweaters. Here’s the pile from brushing #2:


H.U.G.E. And pretty gross, too. I feel bad for her because I think that’d be pretty uncomfortable to have your hair falling out, but it just hangs there and you can’t get it off. Plus, she’s really slowing down. She’s 15 now and it shows. She’s starting to get reluctant to climb the stairs, choosing to sleep on the couch rather than climb upstairs to her bed in our room. The only time she gets excited is when it’s time to go in the car or when I’m filling her food bowl. Plus, she seems to be skinnier than usual. I’m certain I’m going to come downstairs sometime soon and she’s going to be dead. So, I’m looking forward to that. (NOT)

Okay. 900 words. That should be enough, right? Can’t think of anything else I need to tell y’all, so have a great Valentine’s Day!